Mayo-KI 2022 - Cancer Posters

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PIOR® - Personalized Immuno-Oncology Ranking - User-friendly analysis of NGS data from patients

Ola Nilsson

Personalised tumour trained lymphocytes derived from regional lymph nodes for treatment of colorectal cancer. 

Anne-Laure Joly

Distinct cancer-associated fibroblast subsets in non-small cell lung cancer with inverse associations to patient survival

Alfonso Martin Bernabe

The prognostic value of the Ki-67 labelling index in follicular thyroid tumors

Samuel Hellgren

Spatial Distribution Patterns of Clinically Relevant TERT Promoter Mutations in Follicular Thyroid Tumors of Uncertain Malignant Potential: Advantages of the Digital Droplet PCR Technique

Martin Hysek


Application of ensemble learning algorithms for mortality risk prediction in NSCLC patients using multimodal PET and CT radiomics features

Shayan Mostafaei