Management of NeurotechEU

Work package 1 "Management" is coordinated by Radboud University and KI representatives in the package is Robert Harris.

NeurotechEUs organisation
NeurotechEUs organisation Photo: N/A

NeurotechEU’s governance framework will streamline communication across stakeholders, promote transparency and decision-making, create synergy among partners to reach NeurotechEU's objectives and to foster the European Neurotech ecosystem. We will implement, execute, and refine, as necessary, a dynamic, efficient and effective organizational structure for project handling, resource allocation, financial management, quality assurance, and risk and change management.

Activities in work package 1 (WP1)

  1. Setting up a scalable and modular governance structure for international, multi-institutional and intersectoral collaboration,
  2. Coalescing the alliance’s values, mission, and objectives into an actionable plan and put it into practice,
  3. Monitoring the NeurotechEU accomplishments based on deliverables,
  4. Creating a shared digital platform for administration, cooperation, and accountable resourceutilization.

Contact KI representative

Robert Harris

KI representative in WP1 in NeurotechEU

Also engaged in the local KI WP1 team are  Maria Olsson and Ylva Olsson.

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