KI Health Informatics Alumni Network

Health Informatics Alumni Network was initiated by current students in the fall term of 2018. The network and its events are supported by the HI program director and the KI alumni office.

About the HI Alumni Network

The students and alumni of the HI programme are knowledge- and career-oriented.

Our network has two objectives: 

  • to build a strong, active network of HI fellows and share experiences
  • to expand the of knowledge of career choices and professional development

All graduates of the HI programme are warmly welcome to join us!

Network Activities

Alumni Sharing Seminars

We invite alumni to talk about their daily job, working environment, or research with participants. Each sharing, we have good combination of speakers either from medical background or technical background to give their different perspectives. We believe the sharing will benefit both students and alumni who are interested in exploring job opportunities.

Inspirational Talks

We invite speakers to give an in-depth lecture on popular topics in the field of health informatics such as artificial intelligence, clinical decision support, and remote card etc. We wish inspirational talk will broaden our knowledge and keep students and alumni in the frontier of the field.    

Digital Communication

We provide regular updates on social media. We share the latest MedTech news, conference information, and job opportunities on LinkedIn and Facebook

Upcoming Events

Please see our Facebook Page for upcoming events.

Steering Committee

The HI alumni network Steering Committee is comprised of students and alumni from the Master's Programme of Health Informatics. Are you interested in getting involved? Please contact us at

health informatics alumni network
From left: Hager A Saleh, Dana Kokey, Jorge Gatica, Magnus Emell

Class of 2021

Hager A Saleh 

Dana Kokey 

Jorge Gatica

Magnus Emell


health informatics alumni network
From left: Thanabhop Na Nakhonphanom, Olina Ou, Winner Ng

Class of 2020

Thanaphop Na Nakhonphanom

Olina Ou

Winner Ng

Speakers from Past Events

Alumni: Sara Zaker; Bastiaan Franssen, Daniel Chen, Andrea Caccamisi, Bek Olimjon, Diana Khosravi, Zahra Haider, Luis Quintero, Lena Schlegel, Maria Bampa, Mina Makar, Sami Andberg

Inspirational talks: Dr. Linus Jönsson, Dr. Anindya Gupta, Dr. Anna Birgersdotter

Contact Us

If you are a Health Informatics alumnus or current student, you are most welcome to join us!

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