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KI Funds

Many small, successful steps have made Karolinska Institutet to what it is today. We want to continue to work in the same way to develop our strengths, and keep our position as one of the highest ranked medical universities in the world.

Education and research requires larger financial recourses than before, and external funding is a condition for further progress. Our alumni and friends are important to us; together we can make a difference. You know KI and understand our needs better than anyone else.

KI has set up four Funds for four important causes; The education fund, The research fund, The fund for global health and The fund for global talents. With a contribution from you and other fellow alumni and friends, together we can improve the education, support the top scientists of tomorrow and work for important collaborations with universities in low- and middle income countries.

The education fund

In part of securing our position as one of the world leading medical universities, we have set up The education fund, to support and improve the education at KI, regardless of educational program. With many small steps we can make a big difference, and your support is important.

The raised funds will make it possible to do something extraordinary, which is important in future competition with other universities, and to enable for new students to make a breakthrough in the medical field.

Every year The Board of Higher Education will allocate grants to measures supporting the education at KI e.g. projects for new teaching methods and infrastructure to improve the study environment, can benefit from the alumni donations.

The research fund

Research has always had a prominent place at KI and it feels important to support the future. To be able to do that, we have set up The research fund, to support PhD-students and scientists in the beginning of their career. With your donation we can help them in their work, and give them extra support in their aspiration to make a breakthrough.

It is a tough job to be a researcher, and even tougher to be a PhD-student or being a junior scientist. The research fund has been established to promote our young researchers with extra grants to enable, for example trips to visit other universities or take an additional course at another university.

To secure for excellent research even in the future, we need to support the young scientists today, and that is why all donations are more than welcome.

The Board of Postgraduate Education will be responsible to allocate the grants to the right candidates.

The fund for global health

Strategic international alliances are an essential part of KI:s activities. The giving and taking contribute to a better world. This is why we have set up The fund for global health, to support collaborations with universities in low- and middle income countries, where the knowledge from KI can make a big difference.

But at the same time our education and research enriches through exchange of valuable knowledge and gives access to unique projects, materials and methods. The fund for global health will this year focus on the collaboration with Makerere University in Uganda. With donations from KI alumni this collaboration can expand.

Since 2001 KI and Makerere University, have worked together in several projects, some projects that are in need of support are:

  • Development of non resistant antibiotics.
  • Finding new methods to treat febrile children.
  • Educate health workers to support women on the countryside before, during and after delivery, and by doing that, decrease child mortality in the areas.
  • PhD- and student exchange, with a tutor at both universities.

These are some projects that will make the living conditions better for many people, and give our students important experience and prepare them for a future in a globalised world. The President at Karolinska Institutet will allocate the grants to one project within the collaboration, in need of support.

The fund for Global talents

Karolinska Institutet is a player on the global arena as one of the world's leading medical universities. We are proud of our international and intercultural campus and strive to be a breeding ground for academic excellence in search for knowledge and breakthrough. The KI fund for global talents is a scholarship fund and a step to secure this continuance of excellence at KI. In supporting this fund you are contributing to a life changing opportunity for an international student to come and study at KI.

The raised funds will make it possible for Karolinska Institutet to award tuition fee-scholarships to excellent international students accepted into some of our International Masters programs. Since July 2011 all international students from outside of the EU/EES that comes to study in Sweden are to be charged tuition fee.

It is important for us at the Karolinska Institutet to be able to continue to accept and train talents even from outside of Europe. We are an international university, a big player from the small country of Sweden contributing on the global arena. The inflow of international new talents contributes to a more constructive and stimulating discussions in, as well as outside the class room.

Make a donation

Thank you for supporting Karolinska Institutet Alumni Funds. Don't forget to specify "The education fund", "The research fund", "The fund for global health" or "The fund for Global talents".

Donations within Sweden:

Make the donation to Karolinska Institutet's Bank-giro, account no. 5310-6217.

Donations from abroad:

Make the donation to Karolinska Institutet's Bank-giro account using the details below:

Account no. 5439-10 286 89
IBAN: 5000 0000 0543 9102 8689
Bank address: SEB AB, SE-106 40 Stockholm

Make donation online

You can also make your donation with your credit card online.


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