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KI Alumni Storytelling at CHaSE

KI Alumni & Friends hosted an lunch-time alumni panel discussion at the CHaSE (Careers in Health and Science Exposition) career fair held at Aula Medica on 9 March 2017. The panel consisted of 4 KI alumni, all working in Stockholm today, who have pursued different career paths following their education at KI.

Barbara Albiger, Expert in Microbiology at European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)

Barbara completed her PhD at Université de Strasbourg in her native France before coming to KI for a postdoctoral fellowship. She began climbing the academic career ladder at KI before moving to Lund University as Associate Professor, where her research focused on investigating the innate immune responses against bacterial infections. Barbara took a position with ECDC in 2011 and has just assumed a new role as Senior Expert of Scientific Quality at ECDC. Read more about Barbara on LinkedIn >>

Peter Janson, Recruitment Consultant at Dfind Science & Engineering

Peter completed his PhD at Uppsala University and continued his education at KI with a short postdoctoral fellowship. Feeling the desire to leave academia, he took a position with Qiagen as part of the Nordic Sales Team, where he worked for 3 years. In 2015, Peter began working as a recruitment consultant at Dfind, within the Science and Engineering section. Read more about Peter on LinkedIn >>

Jessica Norrbom, Researcher at KI and Owner, Fortasana AB

Jessica attained her PhD from Karolinska Institutet with a thesis investigating the training adaptations of skeletal muscle. The desire to apply her knowledge about exercise and training caused Jessica to start a company - Fortasana - together with a fellow colleague, which focuses on personal training, nutrition consultation and teaching. Among her diverse types of clients, she particularly enjoys her role as MammaMage (Mommy-belly) coach to new mothers who regain fitness after pregancy. Read more about Jessica on LinkedIn >>

Shannon Lovgren, Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy

Shannon is an alumna of the Master's in Global Health program at KI (2012-2013). Originally from California, her career path did not follow a "straight line" she says - and has included humanitarian work in Africa, as well as a short stint as a firefighter. Feeling her calling for futher education, she relocated to Sweden, and now works as a program coordinator for various international training programs in African countries. Read more about Shannon on LinkedIn >>

Thank you to the CHaSE team for organizing an alumni panel and to these wonderful and inspiring KI Alumni for sharing their stories with current KI students!