‘Ismat Mohd Sulaiman

ALumni ‘Ismat Mohd Sulaiman
DEGREE: Master's in Health Informatics



DEGREE: Master's in Health Informatics


CURRENT ROLE : Assistant Principal Director, Health Informatics Centre, Planning Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia


How did you decide to study at KI?

After you graduated from KI, what was your next step and how did you find this opportunity?

My immediate step was to return to my working place in Health Informatics Centre. When I returned, I became the lead for Health Informatics Standards Unit and a project lead for an artificial intelligence ICT system called MyHarmony within a national project called Malaysian Health Data Warehouse (MyHDW).

Describe a day on the job in your current role?

As part of Health Informatics Standards activity, I would plan and execute activities on improving clinical documentation and medical coding. The activities include training, certification, evaluation and reporting via presentations. Additionally, I would plan on generating useful information to clinicians and health managers using artificial intelligence (AI) from clinical free-text. Quality documentation and the derived information will be used to aid evidence-based decision making and planning.

What is your advice to students at KI who are about to graduate?

Master’s degree in Health Informatics allow you to experience a broad view of the Health Informatics world. Find and choose your passion, and dive in. There’s much more to learn and apply, whether as an industry player or an academician.

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