International Oral Health Symposium 2022

Welcome to the International Oral Health Symposium on Innovation, Strategy, and Future Perspectives, June 7-8, 2022. As one of the joint activities within the collaboration between Karolinska Institutet and the National Dental Centre of Singapore, this online symposium is hosted by Karolinska Institutet and co-organized with National Dental Centre Singapore, Tohoku University, Nanyang Technological University, The University of Hong Kong and University of Melbourne.

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Key Topics

Key topics of this symposium are:

  • Global Oral Health and Oral Health Policies
  • Oral health education and training
  • Precision Medicine /Dentistry and Oral Microbiome
  • Digital Transformation in Oral Health
  • Tissue Engineering 

Information about the Agenda

This symposium stems from a collaborative platform for oral health research and development between KI and oral health research institutes in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and Japan. The objective is to share research, innovation and development in the field of oral health and foster collaborations, staff exchanges and co-supervision of research students. Confirmed chairs and plenary speakers include: Professor Marco Peres and A/Prof Karen Peres, Professor Björn Klinge, Professor Wai Keung Leung, Dr. Samantha Byrne, Dr Karin Garming Legert, Prof. Guang Hong and many more distinguished experts.

To make the most of symposium for the participating institutes in Europe, Asia and Australia, the scientific presentations will take place digitally during 2 half-days to accommodate the time-zones.

Participating speakers

Read more about the speakers and their abstracts here: Speakers Day 1 and Speakers Day 2 

Digital Poster Session

Welcome to the digital poster session within the International Oral Health Symposium 2022. The digital posters are not longer published online.


On the link below you can register for the symposium and the breakout sessions. Please note that registration is required. 


Please note that minor changes might occur. 

Pre Symposium Programme hosted by National Dental Centre of Singapore, June 7

8:30am (CEST, Stockholm), 2:30pm (Singapore/HongKong), 3:30pm (Japan), 4:30pm (Melbourne, Australia) 

  • Signing ceremony of collaborative agreement between NDCS, A*STAR, Osteopore

More information and links will be provided. 

Sponsered by Tissue and Motion
With financial support of Karolinska Institutet's research network Tissue and Motion.

The Organizing Committee 

This symposium is hosted by Karolinska Institutet. Members in the organizing committee are: 

Scientific Board

  • Karolinska Institutet: Associate Professor Agneta Karsten, KI and Associate professor Kåre Buhlin, KI
  • Tohoku University: Associate Professor Takashi NAKAMURA and Associate Professor Masahiro YAMADA
  • National Dental Centre Singapore: A/Professor Karen Peres and Cl A/Professor Christina Sim
  • Nanyang Technological University: Asst Professor Song Juha and A/Professor Domenico Campolo
  • The University of Hong Kong: Professor Chengfei Zhang and Professor Chun Hung Chu
  • University of Melbourne: Dr. Wenyi Li and Dr. Rachael Moses 

Local Organizing Committee Members

  • Niels Ganzer, Abhishek Kumar, Michal Jacek Sobkowiak, Hajer Jasim, Pernilla Witte and Johanna Ackemar.