Funds and foundations

Gifts and donations to any of Karolinska Institutet’s funds may be used in full. KI has several different funds, where the money goes to research within each respective research field according to a decision by the Board of Research.

The bank giro account for payments to the KI funds is number 5310-6217

Number          Research field/Purpose
141089           Cancer Research
141099           Research on Childhood Cancer
141329          Research on Childhood Diabetes
141279           Research on Brain Disease
141119           Research on Cardiovascular Disease
141199          Research on Rheumatism
141129          Research on Eye Disease 
141219          Research on Ear Disease
141159          Medical Research
131129         Urological Research

Foundations at Karolinska Institutet

Karolinska Institutet manages around 200 foundations through its affiliated foundation management service. When money is donated to a foundation, the donation is added to the existing capital and the yield is disbursed in the form of research grants. Every year, the KI foundations disburse around SEK 30 million to the researchers at Karolinska Institutet.  Decisions to award funding are made by the Board of Research.   

The bank giro account for payments to any of the KI foundations is number 797-5998

The following foundations are open for new donations:

Nummber         Name of foundation
64                    Karolinska Institutet’s Cancer Foundation
65                    Karolinska Institutet’s 150th Anniversary
                         Foundation (independent medical research)
213                  Foundation for Geriatric Diseases at Karolinska Institutet,
                         primarily dementia diseases and atherosclerosis diseases 
144                  Karolinska Institutet’s Foundation for Brain Research
109                  Karolinska Institutet’s Foundation for Cardiac and Pulmonary Disease
150                  Karolinska Institutet’s Foundation for Diabetes Research
198                  Karolinska Institutet’s Foundation for Psychiatric Research
212                 Karolinska Institutet’s Foundation for Research on Parkinson’s Disease
224                 Karolinska Institutet’s Foundation for ALS Research
181                 Karolinska Institutet’s Foundation for Research on Rheumatism
110                 Karolinska Institutet’s Foundation for Haematology Research
67                   Karolinska Institutet’s Foundation for Research on Eye Disease
189                Karolinska Institutet’s Foundation for Neurobiology Research
201                Karolinska Institutet’s Foundation for AIDS Research


Foundation manager

Tove Älvemark Asp

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 867 07