From byte to bench to bed side – addressing large and complex data sets in biomedicine

KI NMA offers an advanced course in Network Medicine 19th-20th of October 2022. Participate on site in Erna Möller, Blockagången 16, Neo or online.


The 19th-20th October 2022 KI NMA will host an advanced course in three chapters with lectures, work shop and panel debates around the topic of Network Medicine and data sets in biomedicine.
The first day will focus on introduction to the field and historical perspective, followed by the Chapter 1: From single to couple to network and a work shop.

The second day will continue with Chapter 2: Untangle the complexity of pathophysiology by network analysis followed by Chapter 3: Network analysis empowers deep characterization of disease. The course will end with a panel debate regarding the pros and cons, and the innovative potential of Network Medicine.

The course will be offered both at Neo (Campus Flemingsberg) and streamed online. Registration is now closed.

The program will be updated continuously.

Content reviewer:
Mia Bjerke