Venue Nobel Forum

The Nobel Forum, nestled within the campus of the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, is a testament to the enduring legacy and architectural harmony of the area. Designed in the 1980s by architect Johan Celsing, the Forum's structure adheres to the foundational patterns characteristic of the campus's other buildings.

Photo: Stefan Zimmerman

Architectural Heritage and Design

The building's brick walls rest on granite bases, partially sourced from a caretaker's residence that previously occupied the site. Fragments of the old facade's stone inscriptions have been preserved and are thoughtfully integrated into the new facade, serving as a reminder of the institute's continuity through the ages.

Nobel Forum at Karolinska Institutet
Nobel Forum Photo: Stefan Nobel

Bright and Welcoming Interiors

The interior of the Nobel Forum contrasts its dark exterior with light, welcoming spaces. A minimalist palette highlights the
elegance of light- plastered walls, oiled cherry wood, and polished Jämtland limestone, creating an atmosphere of sophistication throughout. 

A Hub for Nobel Prize Activities

The Nobel Forum serves dual purposes: it is the working space for the Nobel Committee, and it is here that the committee makes its annual selection for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Furthermore, the building acts as a global meeting place for researchers and scientists. 

Gifted to the state, the Nobel Forum is not just a building but a bridge between past and future, honoring the legacy of the Nobel Prize while fostering continued innovation and discovery. We are proud to host our event at this venerable venue,
confident it will inspire and facilitate an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Content reviewer:
Lilian Pagrot