Collaboration with Japan: Post doc and Research

KI collaborates with Japanese universities, hospitals and institutions. KI-Japanese research collaborations are particularly aparticularly active within the fields of neuroscience, genomics, infection and immunology.

The universities that KI co-publish with the most, in the past years are:


KI researchers, post docs and PhD-students interested in spending time in Japan can apply for scholarships through the JSPS and the Sweden-Japan Foundation.

Sweden-Japan foundation have a few scholarships for students and researchers.

JSPS has different fellowship programmes for foreign PhD-students, post docs and scholars/researchers.

There are also some Swedish funded programmes, but they are mainly for post docs and researchers.

Post doc

The majority of the international researchers doing a post doc at KI are here without a formal agreement. The activities take place between researchers and are not centrally regulated. All postdoctoral positions are located at KI's departments and most are also initiated from the departments. KI has no central post doc agreements with any Japanese university.


Lotta Lundqvist

International coordinator