Collaboration with Japan: Doctoral Education

A majority of PhD-students that spend time at KI are doing so without formal agreements, as is the case for most students from Japan.

In most cases, the PhD-students are visiting KI within existing research collaborations where the Principal Investigators collaborate. For information regarding PhD-agreements at departmental level, please contact the relevant department. The only collaborative agreement at central level that KI has with a Japanse university is a PhD short term exchange agreement with RIKEN.


KI researchers, post docs and PhD-students interested in spending time in Japan can apply for scholarships through the JSPS and theSweden-Japan Foundation.

Sweden-Japan foundation have a few scholarships for students and researchers.

JSPS has different fellowship programmes for foreign PhD-students, post docs and scholars/researchers.

There are also some Swedish funded programmes, but they are mainly for post docs and researchers.


Lotta Lundqvist

International coordinator