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Collaboration with India: Post Doc and Research

KI collaborates with Indian universities, hospitals and institutions.

The research collaborations include mostly individual projects within the fields of infection (from lab to public health), paediatrics, diabetes, cardiology, cancer, trauma care, nutrition and fertility/infertility.

There has been an increase in co-publications between KI and Indian researchers in recent years. 12 out of the 22 departments at KI report extensive cooperation with Indian researchers.

The universities that KI co-publishes with the most are:

India Seminars at KI

KI Centre for Global Health in collaboration with the KI India scientific coordinator professor Cecilia Stålsby Lundborg regularly arrange seminars on “KI collaborations with India”.

Post Doc

For information regarding post doc agreements at departmental level, please contact the relevant department at KI.


Global health
Department of Public Health Sciences (PHS), K9

Ulla Tunkara

Administrative officer
Faculty Office and External Relations
Central Administration (UF), UF