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China - Shandong University

Shandong University (SDU) is a top university of higher learning in China, with a wide range of disciplines including Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and Biology. KI and SDU have signed a MoU in order to facilitate collaboration and cooperation for researchers and students. Additionally, SDU offers two 2-year post doc positions to KI doctoral graduates in 2013 or 2014.

SDU and KI have had research collaboration over the past 30 years. Many students from SDU have completed their PhD at KI. This has also resulted in the largest KI alumni network in China with around 100 members.

SDU is a comprehensive university in Shandong, originally established in Jinan City in 1901. SDU is situated in two cities (Jinan and Weihai) but a third campus is under construction in the city of Qingdao.

At SDU, approximately 60 000 students study within its 42 schools. Of the student body more than 2600 students are international students coming from more than 1000 countries. The university offers 116 bachelor programmes where two are in English, 209 Master programmes where 47 are taught in English and 127 Doctoral programmes. SDU also has 10 affiliated hospitals, and more than 175 laboratories where two are state key laboratories, the State Key Laboratory of Microbial Technology and the State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials.

More than 10 700 faculty and staff members are registered at SDU including more than 60 international faculty and two Nobel Prize laureates.

Application and Admission

Shandong University is offering two fully financed post doc positions at Shandong University for KI doctoral student. Applicants must apply directly to Shandong University.

More information about the post-doc position

  • Applicants should have a doctoral degree obtained from KI in 2012 or later
  • SDU strives to enhance the international research environment, where the recruitment of international post-docs is an important part. Hence, the awardees should have their university education as well as their doctoral training from outside China, to e
  • The awardee is required to work not less than 20 months at SDU during the two-year contract.


The position for postdoctoral training will be openly announced by Shandong University. Shandong University will select the researcher/s to become the postdoctoral trainee. The post doc period will be two years starting in 2013 or 2014.

Application deadline

There is no deadline for submitting the application. The recruitment is an continuous process and will end when two post docs are recruited.

Financial matters

Each postdoctoral trainee from Kl is fully financially supported by Shandong University.


Academic Coordinators

Professor, senior

Ingemar Ernberg

Enhet: Ingemar Ernberg grupp


Nailin Li

Enhet: Forskargrupp P Lafolie


Internationell koordinator

Katarina Drakenberg

Telefon: 08-524 863 65
Enhet: Internationellt kansli