A successful Homecoming Day for KI Alumni

On May 13 KI Alumni arranged a highly anticipated Homecoming Day for alumni connected to Karolinska Institutet. Campus tours and lectures were offered during the day at Campus Solna, and in the evening many alumni joined the festivities at The Nobel Prize Museum.

A group of people sitting and listening
KI Alumni Homecoming day 2023 Photo: Liza Simonsson

A blossoming clear spring campus welcomed alumni as they arrived to take part of the KI Alumni Homecoming Day at Campus Solna on May 13. Many participants had signed up for the campus tours at Medicinska föreningen and Biomedicum with a special display of the public lab Biominicum, as well as listening to the lectures at the University Library. Guests from Sweden, parts of Europe as well as from the US and Japan came to celebrate being a part of their alma mater.

A group of people listening to a speaker in a laboratory
KI Alumni Homecoming day Biominicum Photo: Liza Simonsson

Many gathered and talked at the well-visited fika stations, expressing their thoughts on how Campus Solna changed over the years and exchanging memories from their time at KI.

In the evening the festivities continued at The Nobel Prize Museum where the the guests mingled, took part of the exhibition and connected with old and new friends.

A large gfroup of people mingeling with glasses in thair hands at the Nobel Prize Museum
Ki Alumni Homecoming day - The Nobel Prize Museum Photo: Liza Simonsson

A large group of guests stayed until the doors closed an 11 PM and strolled off into the beautiful Stockholm night. 

KI Alumni want to thank all the guests for coming from near and far, as well as express gratitude to all the involved in making the Homecoming Day into success.  

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