A NeurotechEU for widening access

Diversity, multilingualism, and multiculturalism is in focus in the seventh work package (WP7) of NeurotechEU. The work package is coordinated by Universitatea de Medicină și Farmacie „Iuliu Hațieganu” din Cluj-Napoca.

Creating an open and welcoming environment for all members of the NeurotechEU to study and work is one of the core principles of the Alliance organization. From admission to graduation and from recruitment to a structured exit interview, the Alliance is committed to adopting impactful policies, processes, and procedures for promoting accessibility, multilingualism, inclusion, and diversity.

The fundamental objective is to remove obstacles to access education, bridging inequalities in employment and create an open and transparent atmosphere for the promotion of multilingualism, inclusion, and diversity.

Activities in WP7

  1. Implement affirmative action to ensure social inclusion for all members of the NeurotechEU from students and researchers to staff members and administrators,
  2. Establish widening access as an essential component of performance management and review,
  3. Promote the acquisition of language skills and cross-cultural competences as a part of the educational goals of the NeurotechEU, and document student achievements by educational credits and certificates recognized certificates through the Alliance,
  4. Facilitate multilingual communication and teaching, offering complementary courses in multiple languages in partnering universities.

KI's contribution to WP7

KI stand to gain and can contribute with exchange of knowledge and experiences on how to handle to some extent the same but also different socio-economic challenges.

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Also engaged in the local KI WP7-team are Klara Regnö, Anna DahlerusRenita Sörensdotter and Viktoria Hansson.

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