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A gift that will benefit sick children in the future

When Bojana Nathorst-Böös’s will is eventually opened and read, a foundation will begin to award scholarships to doctors and nurses who would like to further their education through study trips and international conferences.

“I’ve founded the Bojana and Ernst Nathorst-Böös Foundation Continuing Education in the field of Paediatric Medicine to help doctors and nurses further their medical knowledge through study visits and conferences in Sweden and abroad. The foundation will start to award scholarships when my will comes into effect.

The capital I have is not enough to finance research, so I chose continuing professional development instead. For that purpose, paediatrics seemed to me the obvious choice. I don’t have children of my own, but children have always played a large and important role in my life.

Also, when I was four years old, something happened to me that came to shape my early childhood. I fell ill and had to spend an entire year at the Stolzalpe sanatorium in the Austrian Alps, far away from my parents and surrounded by what was then a foreign language to me. Due to the loving care of my doctors and nurses, who were well-trained and highly skilled, it was a positive, memorable experience that not only brought me back to health, but also made me independent, secure and strong.

Being born in Zagreb, I have an international background with two cultures, Croatian and Swedish.

As a child, I dreamt of studying in the USA like my mother had done. But the Second World War interfered with my schooling, so to help me realise my dream, my parents sent me by train through a war-torn Europe to Sweden, where I attended the SSHL boarding school in Sigtuna.

I then applied for a scholarship to Vassar College, my mother’s alma mater, and was awarded one for two years. I then continued as a research associate at the University of California in Los Angeles. These academic experiences shaped my life and were extremely important to me.

Now I want to give something back. When I’m no longer alive I hope that this capital can be of benefit to others.“