Wieslab AB - a Svar Life Science company, Malmö, Sweden

Wieslab offers both routine clinical testing as well as a range of laboratory services for pharma, biotech and CRO customers.
Within clinical routine testing Wieslab specializes in autoimmunity assessment. They offer a comprehensive range of individual and panel tests. Wieslab strives to provide a complete decision-making base for the clinician to make the right diagnosis fast and to be able to implement the correct treatment strategies.

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One of the great advantages of outsourcing autoimmune specialty testing is the time and people power it saves your laboratory.

Wieslab offers acute testing on many markers. This means, they supply a test report within 1 hour of Wieslab receiving the sample (RPGN) and within 24 hours regarding autoimmune encephalitis and paraneoplastic syndrome.

They also provide Therapeutic Drug Monitoring within their bioanalytical services, they strive to provide testing services and support that can accelerate the drug development process.

Diseases Researched

This lab focuses on research regarding:

  • Autoimmune neurological diseases
  • Vasculitis
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

Performed Tests