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Stress and stress management

We are one of the reseach groups within Stockholm Stress Center and conduct several studies on stress and stress-related disorders as well as on sickness absence due to such diagnoses.

Stress reduction training with Internet-based programs

The purpose of this research is to gain knowledge about the effects of stress management programs available on the Internet. Research has shown that there are good opportunities to prevent mental illness through psychological interventions. There is also increasing scientific evidence that interventions delivered through the Internet can have a beneficial effect on mental health and well-being. In this project, we are developing and testing programs for managing stress. The purpose is to gain knowledge about what effects they have and how they are perceived by users.

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Stress among board certified specialists with a PhD, working at a university hospital

There is only limited knowledge on the work situation among physicians working clinically as well as with research and teaching. To obtain such knowledge in general and more specifically regarding how this group manages stress, data was obtained through a questionnaire and through focus group interviews.
Project leader: Professor Kristina Alexanderson

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