Simon Cervenka's research group

PET image showing brain distribution of the glial cell marker Translocator Protein (TSPO), as measured using [11C]PBR28
PET image showing brain distribution of the glial cell marker Translocator Protein (TSPO), as measured using [11C]PBR28

Molecular brain imaging and psychosis research

The main objective of my research group is to understand the biology of psychosis, to enable new diagnostic tools and treatment approaches. A key methodological platform is positron emission tomography (PET), which enables quantification of biochemical markers in brain in vivo. Using this methodology, we map markers of glial cell activation and brain neurotransmission in patients with early stage schizophrenia, focusing on first episode psychosis.

The clinical basis for the research is a collaboration between five different psychiatric clinics in Stockholm: Psykiatri Nordväst, Norra Stockholms Psykiatri, PRIMA Vuxenpsykiatri, Psykiatri Stockholm Södra Stockholms Psykiatri and Praktikertjänst, as well as several research groups at KI, working together to enroll drug naïve first episode psychosis patients. The project is carried out within the Centre for Psychiatry Research, and I am the principal investigator for the clinical data collection. All patients undergo a detailed clinical evaluation including cognitive testing, and investigations include PET, blood tests, lumbar punction as well as structural and functional MR examinations.

The group has participated in collaborative studies assessing immune activation in disorders with peripheral immune aberrations, as well as studies aiming to map the biological basis of personality and cognitive function in the normal brain. Ongoing PET projects also include evaluating new immune markers in animal models of psychosis.

Methodological work in the group includes evaluating and implementing new methods for PET data quantification to increase precision and sensitivity, as well as applying new statistical approaches to improve robustness of inferences. One overarching goal is to strive for increased replicability of our results. We have also coordinated several collaborative projects involving pooling data across research centres to increase statistical power.

Several members of the group are also centrally involved in evaluation and implementation of clinical tools such as CBT in psychosis and self-guided referral.

The research in Simon Cervenka’s group is supported by Vetenskapsrådet, Region Stockholm (ALF-medel) and Hjärnfonden.

Group members

Simon Cervenka

Research group leader

Henrik Gregenmark

Affiliated to research

Granville Matheson

Postdoctoral researcher

Maria Lee

Lena Flyckt

Affiliated to research

Maria Mattsson

Affiliated to research

Pontus Plavén Sigray

Affiliated to research


Recent publications (2018-)

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Meta-analysis of the Glial Marker TSPO in Psychosis Revisited: Reconciling Inconclusive Findings of Patient-Control Differences.
Plavén-Sigray P, Matheson GJ, Coughlin JM, Hafizi S, Laurikainen H, Ottoy J, et al
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Kinfitr - an open-source tool for reproducible PET modelling: validation and evaluation of test-retest reliability.
Tjerkaski J, Cervenka S, Farde L, Matheson GJ
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Dopamine D1 receptor availability is not associated with delusional ideation measures of psychosis proneness.
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In response to the letter "[11C]raclopride and extrastriatal binding to D2/3 receptors".
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Clinical brain PET research must embrace multi-centre collaboration and data sharing or risk its demise.
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Cervenka S
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Evidence of fatigue, disordered sleep and peripheral inflammation, but not increased brain TSPO expression, in seasonal allergy: A [11C]PBR28 PET study.
Tamm S, Cervenka S, Forsberg A, Estelius J, Grunewald J, Gyllfors P, et al
Brain Behav. Immun. 2018 02;68():146-157

First-episode psychosis patients display increased plasma IL-18 that correlates with cognitive dysfunction.
Orhan F, Fatouros-Bergman H, Schwieler L, Cervenka S, Flyckt L, Sellgren CM, et al
Schizophr. Res. 2018 05;195():406-408

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