Research group leaders / Clinical Associate Professors A-Ö

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Research group leaders A-Ö

Group leader Research group Research area
Niaz Ahmed Niaz Ahmed´s research group Stroke- Acute intervention and secondary prevention
Lou Brundin Lou Brundins research group Stemcells and inflammation, Multiple sclerosis
Tomas Ekström Tomas Ekström´s research group Medical epigenetics
Peter Fransson Peter Fransson´s research group Large-scale network connectivity in the human brain
Anna Fogdell Hahn Anna Fogdell-Hahn research group Clinical neuroimmunology
Tobias Granberg Tobias Granberg and Maria Kristoffersen´s research group Imaging of Neurodegenerative and Neuroinflammatory disorders
Hans Grönlund Hans Grönlund´s research group Therapeutic immune design
Robert Harris Robert Harris research group Immunotherapy
Jan Hillert Jan Hillert´s research group Neurogenetics, Multiple sclerosis
Staffan Holmin Staffan Holmin´s research group Neuroradiology
Lars Hyllienmark Lars Hyllienmark´s research group Clinical neurophysiology
Martin Ingvar Martin Ingvar´s research group Cognitive neurophysiology
Maja Jagodic Maja Jagodic´s research group Epigenetic origins and mechanisms in neuroinflammation
Eva Kosek Eva Kosek´s research group Mechanisms of pain and treatment
Maria Kristoffersen Wiberg Tobias Granberg and Maria Kristoffersen´s research group Imaging of Neurodegenerative and Neuroinflammatory disorders
Tomas Olsson Tomas Olsson´s research group Clinical and experimental neuroimmunology, Multiple sclerosis
Fredrik Piehl Fredrik Piehl´s research group Inflammation and neurodegeneration in the CNS diseases focusing on multiple sclerosis (MS)
Stefan Skare Stefan Skare´s research group Neuroradiology - MRI physics
Ingrid Skelton Kockum Ingrid Skelton Kockum´s research group Genetic Epidemiology of Multiple Sclerosis
Per Svenningsson Per Svenningsson´s research group Neuropharmacology - movement disorders, Parkinsons disease
Mikael Svensson Mikael A. Svensson´s research group Neurosurgery
Torbjörn Tomson Torbjörn Tomson´s research group Clinical epilepsy

Clinical Associate Professors A-Ö

Associate Professor Research area
Niaz Ahmed Stroke
Per Almqvist Functional Neurosurgery
Magnus Andersson Neuroinflammation, Multiple sclerosis
Tor Ansved Neuromuscular Diseases
Bo-Michael Bellander Neurotrauma
Einar Eriksson Circulation
Guro Gafvelin Immunology, inflammation
Anna Glaser Molecular genetics
Claes Hultling Spinal cord injury
Magnus Kaijser Neuroradiology
Per Lindström Neurology
Erik Lundström Stroke
Ritva Matell Neuromuscular Diseases
Tiit Mathiesen Neurosurgery
Per Mattsson Peripheral Nerve Injuries, Spinal cord injuries
Ingela Nilsson Remahl Headache
Christina Sjöstrand Neurovascular Diseases
Göran Solders Clinical neurophysiology
Giuseppe Stragliotto Neurooncology, Brain tumors
Michael Söderman Neurointervention
Elisabet Waldenlind Headache
Karin Wirdefeldt Epidemiology, Parkinsons disease


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