Publications (Christina Sjöstrand's research group)

Selected publications from Christina Sjöstrand's research group


Multimorbidity and Sickness Absence/Disability Pension in Patients With Cluster Headache and Matched References: A Swedish Register-Based Study.

Ran C, Alexanderson K, Belin AC, Almondo G, Steinberg A, Sjöstrand C.Neurology. 2023 Mar 7;100(10):e1083-e1094. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000201685. Epub 2022 Dec 14.PMID: 36517237 Free PMC article.

Mechanical thrombectomy in stroke patients of working age: Real-world outcomes in Sweden.

Roland M, Markaki I, Andersson T, Arnberg F, Sjöstrand C.Eur Stroke J. 2022 Mar;7(1):41-47. doi: 10.1177/23969873211067883. Epub 2022 Feb 3.PMID: 35300257 Free PMC article.

Novel Cysteine-Sparing Hypomorphic NOTCH3 A1604T Mutation Observed in a Family With Migraine and White Matter Lesions.

Arnardottir S, Del Gaudio F, Klironomos S, Braune EB, Lombraña AA, Oliveira DV, Jin S, Karlström H, Lendahl U, Sjöstrand C.Neurol Genet. 2021 Apr 22;7(3):e584. doi: 10.1212/NXG.0000000000000584. eCollection 2021 Jun.PMID: 33898742 Free PMC article.

Sickness absence and disability pension days in patients with cluster headache and matched references.
Sjöstrand C, Alexanderson K, Josefsson P, Steinberg A
Neurology 2020 May;94(21):e2213-e2221

Cluster headache: Prevalence, sickness absence, and disability pension in working ages in Sweden.
Steinberg A, Josefsson P, Alexanderson K, Sjöstrand C
Neurology 2019 07;93(4):e404-e413

Migraine and risk of stroke: a national population-based twin study.
Lantz M, Sieurin J, Sjölander A, Waldenlind E, Sjöstrand C, Wirdefeldt K
Brain 2017 Oct;140(10):2653-2662

Patent Foramen Ovale Closure or Antiplatelet Therapy for Cryptogenic Stroke.
Søndergaard L, Kasner SE, Rhodes JF, Andersen G, Iversen HK, Nielsen-Kudsk JE, et al
N. Engl. J. Med. 2017 09;377(11):1033-1042

Elevated plasma homocysteine upon ischemic stroke is associated with increased long-term mortality in women.
Markaki I, Klironomos S, Kostulas K, Sjostrand C
PLoS ONE 2017 ;12(8):e0183571

Impaired endothelial function in patients with cryptogenic stroke and patent foramen ovale is not affected by closure.
Lantz M, Kostulas K, Settergren M, Sjöstrand C
J Interv Cardiol 2017 Jun;30(3):242-248


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