Petter Gustavsson's research group

Motivation, competence and health (MCH)

Petter Gustavssons group conducts research on college students' mental health and study conditions and on the graduate college student's establishment and development on the labor market.

The research group's activity

At present we are working on issues related to the following areas:

  • Student health: Prevalence, development, and consequences
  • Early career stress related illness: Causes, courses and consequences
  • Mindsets: Implications for competence and dedication
  • Working in the health care system: Residency programs and organizationalsocialization
  • The effect of work hours on health, sleep, fatigue and job performance
  • Preventive stress interventions in educational and work setting

Research projects

  • PATH: Prospective Analysis of Teachers Health
  • LANE: Longitudinal Analysis of Nursing Education

Selected publications

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Group members