Millions for research about living and working with mental illness

Mapping out the road to return to work in the event of mental illness - a conceptual model for more effective treatment.
Anna Finnes, PhD in medicine at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, is awarded SEK 4,303,000 to develop a treatment model that takes into account the complexity of mental illness where the goal is to both reduce symptoms and promote return to work.

The increase in long-term sick leave in recent years as a result of mental illness affects many individuals, workplaces and societal functions. Despite this, there is a lack of knowledge and research on mental illness and sick leave. This project is about how to optimize the outcome of treatment for stress-related ill health and promote sustainable return to work after sick leave. We will study the course of stress-related ill health and map different treatment initiatives to learn more about the challenges involved in being on sick leave for mental illness. The goal is to be able to create more effective treatment efforts based on a well-founded theoretical foundation.


42 million for research on living and working with mental illness: