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In a prefect world


I challenge you!

Last month we had the yearly Department’s Day followed by mingle and a Graduate Student Poster Conference. We had 29 poster presentations and prizes to the best posters. I think the poster conference filled its purpose - to give graduate students the chance to present and discuss their research - and is here to stay! The Department Day had its special focus this year on the Climate. Professor Alasdair Skelton from Bolin Centre for Climate Research gave a wonderful presentation of the mechanisms behind climate change (the short lecture is available here).

Maria Needhamsen, Katarina Tengvall och Tove Wahlund

Three young researchers received an EINAR for their engagement, ideas and actions to counteract climate change (Katarina Tengvall, Maria Needhamsen, and Tove Wahlund). In this CNS news we have put together a package of information about climate change and what we as employees can do about it. Obviously air travel is a main problem. KI has the largest carbon dioxide footprint among Swedish authorities (not per employee). This may come as no surprise since research is by far the largest core activity at KI.

Traveling to conferences and meetings for personal interactions and discussions are necessary and probably a key to KIs research strength. With that being said, new technology and alternative traveling knocks on the door and we should ask ourselves: Is this travel really necessary, can we meet electronically or can I travel with a lesser footprint?

KI’s current goal is to decrease the footprint by 5%. I challenge the department to do better than this!

We will measure the footprint through BCD travel in 2020 and compare it with the current one and feedback the result to you all at the next Department Day.

Read more in the CNS newsletter.

Last but not least, have a wonderful and well-deserved summer vacation!