In a prefect world


Dear all

The fundaments of the new organization of KI has now been decided. We will have a more linear and hopefully more transparent organization. Departments will be clustered geographically. According to the latest suggestion CNS will be part of a cluster comprising of the clinical departments in Solna plus Danderyd Hospital. The cluster will be led by a Dean (Dekan) who will represent the ideas and interests of the cluster departments as a member of a steering group (fakultetsnämnd) together with i.a. the vice-chancellor. One can argue that the departments therefore will have a more direct influence on the decisions being made than before, which is good.

The idea of a geographical principle for clustering the departments has not been considered by anyone as a terribly intelligent way of clustering, but has emerged as the most feasible suggestion given the short timeline that was given. Some comforting words was provided by the Kjell A. Nordström in a recent talk about how and why the world develops as it does. He argued that there was not in the big and well-prepared (skype) meetings that innovations were born. Instead, it happened in the more informal half-baked discussion over coffee, scribbling on a paper napkin. So geographical proximity making physical meetings for early stage discussions possible may be a good thing!

It was great for me to be a part of the last day of the Future Academic leaders program during which 27 participants were given their diplomas. This was a 10 modules long program that was initiated by Jan Hillert, Karin Wallin Blomberg and Elin Johansson 1.5 years ago to secure strong leadership in the future. Good work!

Since our department in itself is quite geographically outspread, stretching from south to north, it is of particular importance that we all can meet at the Department´s Day coming up in the afternoon of April 12. Look forward to this!

Mats J. Olsson

Head of Department

Clinical Neuroscience