In a prefect world


Dear all

As we all know we are approaching the implementation of the new organization. We are happy to see our own Bob Harris as the new vice-rektor for Research Education Committee and welcome Anna Martling as the Dekan of our Department group, currently labelled Nord. 

Learning more, as I did the other week, about the importance of communication in organizational changes I realize that the reason for the organizational change is often not clearly communicated. Is it clear to everybody by now why we at all are changing the organization at KI? To start with, this follows recommendations from both external and internal audits. More specifically, the leadership favors a linear organization where the President (as the Rektor is now called in English instead of Vice-chancellor) will have a better strategic handle on how KI is actually ruled compared to the present organization form with different boards governing different core functions - education, research education and research. The new Dekans of the Department groups will be spokespersons for the Department heads facilitating both the President’s communication with the departments (going down from 22 Department heads to 3 Dekans) but also placing well-informed representatives of the Department groups in the faculty board, the center of power. On top of that, I personally look forward to cross learning and, perhaps, pooling of resources between departments within our clinical department group.

Thanks to Junior Faculty (JF) that invited me to their retreat in the beginning of the fall through their new chair Lorena Fernandez de la Cruz. The members of JF are undoubtedly in the most vulnerable position among staff. Important for me to learn about JF´s greatest challenge; one being the difficulty to get enough of meriting teaching hours. Think of that all of you that work as course leaders on our educational programs. There is number of highly knowledgeable potential lecturers in the Department’s different corners that may be beyond your immediate horizons as you plan your next course!

Mats J. Olsson

Head of Department

Clinical Neuroscience