In a prefect world


Dear all,

It has been an interesting time trying to fill Jan Hillert´s shoes as Prefekt at CNS. And now after getting a better view of central admin, our very different divisions and units (I have so far visited Insurance medicine, CPF including PET Center) ranging from public health to neuroscience I am truly impressed with the activity we produce. When our new Vice-chancellor with entourage visited the department, and we presented research, education, and junior faculty program, etc., I could not help exclaiming when closing the presentation “wow, we are good” before our guests got a chance to comment on our performance. But they were impressed too!

Challenges are lurking ahead with the many important moves of units and groups, the interface with the new hospital and on top an imminent restructuring of the KI organization with clustering of departments. Whatever cluster we will be part of I think we stand a good chance of coming out good because of our relative large size. This restructuring is however important for the leadership of KI so I think we shall welcome it.

Metoo has been a wake-up call for many of us. I have since reviewed the different occasions when employees at different levels as well as students are exposed to information or receive education about equality and harassment and the list looks impressive. Yet, akademikeruppropet tells another story. It is obvious that we need to shift the general culture in this realm which demands further reflection at all levels.

Finally, I wish you all the best for the holidays! Think of those yellow bars reflecting imbalance between work and private life that typically were evident at different levels of the staff survey results. In other words, do not let the laptop appear as a natural extension of your body (to cite a friend of mine).

Mats J. Olsson
Acting Head of Department

Clinical Neuroscience