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Eye and vision

The research on the eye and vision at the department is wide and carries from the glasses to the brains interpretation of the picture. The sensory impression of a clear and sharp picture does not only require healthy eyes but also a healthy brain. Thats why we are interested in the eye and the vision as a whole.

Our research on the retina and retinal disease is extensive including macular degeneration, ischemic retinopathies and vitreoretinal surgery. Ongoing projects range from basal research on retinal angiogenesis and degeneration to clinical pharmacologic studies and regenerative medicine using stem cell-derived cells. Ocular tumors are rare, but allow for extensive comparative and experimental studies as Swedish ocular oncology and pathology is centralised to Stockholm. The research projects include clinical, epidemiologic and molecular aspects, mainly on uveal melanomas.

In order for the vision to develop normally at a young age, several factors such as a clear picture of the fundus, normal development of the brain and of the optic nerve and right stimuli have to work together. Children who squint, whos experiencing changes hindering the path of light through the eye or who have significant vision problems may experience a defective visual maturation.

We are studying how these patients can be treated to an as optimal visual maturation as possible. Children who are premature or who suffer from diseases in the womb have an increased risk of malformations in the eye and an underdeveloped vision. It is also well known that premature babies suffer a higher risk of visual interpretation disturbance due to structural changes in the brain. Our research aims to chart the way the eye and the vision are affected depending on when the disturbance occurs and what causes the interference.

Research areas