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Eva Serlachius´s research group

Child and adolescent psychiatry

Mental illness are common among children and adolescents and are associated with significant impairment and negative consequences for psychosocial development. The overarching goal of the Serlachius research group is to develop and evaluate methods for diagnostics and treatment of mental illness in youth. The aim is to improve early detection and to increase availability to evidence based methods. We work mainly with anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and depression in children and adolescents.

The research group has extensive experience in developing and evaluating internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy (ICBT) for children and adolescents with different disorders as part of the Child Internet Project (BIP; Our aim is to be able to contribute with evidence based ICBT-programs that can be implemented and disseminated within regular health care.

We have developed a technical platform for ICBT that is used by several researchers, both nationally and internationally. In total, the research group has conducted more than 10 clinical trials and more than 1000 patients have now been treated in different BIP-projects.

Research Projects

  • Generic ICBT for anxiety disorders
  • ICBT vs internet-delivered support for youth with social anxiety disorder: A randomised controlled trial
  • ICBT for adoelscents with generalised anxiety disorder
  • Implementation of ICBT for children and adolescents with OCD: A randomised controlled non-inferiority study
  • Feasibility, efficacy and cost-effectiveness of ICBT for adolescents with mild to moderate depression
  • Social attention among children and adolescents with social anxiety disorder

Research Grants

  • Kavli fondet
  • Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Wellfare (Forte)
  • The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond)
  • Jane and Dan Olsson Foundations (Jane och Dan Olssons stiftelse för Vetenskapliga ändamål)
  • HSF Region Stockholm
  • Center for Psychiatry Research, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm & Healthcare services, Stockholm County Council (CPF doktorandmånader)
  • Stockholm County Council
    - ALF and PPG project
    - Clinical postdoctorial appointment ( Jens Högström förordnande som klinisk postdoktor)
    - Clinical research appointment ( Eva Serlachius förordnande som högre klinisk forskare)

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Group members

Sarah AhariAnknuten
Erik AnderssonPostdoc
Kristina AspvallForskarstuderande
Martin BellanderAnknuten, Postdoc
Hanna Björlin AvdicForskarstuderande
Fredrik EnokssonAnknuten
Louise FrisénAnknuten
Rebecca GrudinDoktorand, Forskarstuderande
Jens HögströmPostdoc
Maral JolstedtForskarstuderande
Anna LundhAnknuten
Johan Lundin KlebergAnknuten
Anton LundströmSystemadministratör
Kerstin MalmbergAnknuten
Cecilia MånssonAnknuten
Martina NordForskarstuderande
Eva SerlachiusAnknuten, Forskargruppsledare
Ludmila SolominAnknuten
Susanna TerlingAnknuten
Sarah VigerlandAnknuten
Tove WahlundForskarstuderande
Johan ÅhlénAnknuten, Postdoc