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Andreas Birgegård's research group

Eating Disorders

The overall aim of the program area eating disorders is to stimulate increased growth of long-term research projects treating current clinical problems and thus contributing to the development of knowledge regarding treatment of eating disorders.

Clinical research can be simplified considerably if care is provided based on standardized methods for assessment and monitoring.

Within the Stockholm area >90% of the patients starting specialized eating disorder treatment are registered in Stepwise, an extended quality registry consisting of scientifically standardized methods of diagnostics, assessment and self-assessment of symptoms.

Some examples of specific areas in need of increased attention within the research is the impact of biological factors for the onset of eating disorders, assessment and diagnostics of eating disorders, the presence of eating disorders in boys and men and the impact of self-image aspects and neuropsychiatric/neurocognitive factors.

Research projects

  • ANGI project - Genetic factors for anorexia nervosa
  • Steps towards a clinically more relevant diagnostics of eating disorders
  • Internet based CBT for eating disorders
  • ADHD and eating disorders
  • Eating disorders and bariatric surgery
  • Obesity and eating disorders
  • Self-image and symptoms of eating disorders in anorexia and bulimia
  • Diagnostics of eating disorders, other psychiatric diagnosis and self-image
  • Validation of Structured Eating Disorder Interview
  • Reliable and clinically relevant change in eating disorders
  • Eating disorders and comorbid psychiatric diagnosis
  • Eating disorders and trauma
  • Nine years follow-up of the SUSÄTS project
  • Pregnancy and eating disorders
  • Life Competency Triangulation (LIFT)
  • Web based efforts against eating disorders

Selected publications

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