5,875,000 SEK for new research on work environment and health

Rikard Wicksell, at Karolinska Institutet, is awarded 5,875,000 SEK by AFA insurance to increase the availability of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, ACT, as a digital treatment model for primary care in the Kalmar Region. In a series of studies, the treatment will be further developed, tested and implemented. Studies will also be conducted to identify risk and resilience factors for the development of functional disability, sick leave and deteriorating quality of life.

ACT as a digital treatment model for patients with long-term pain in primary care

persistant pain is a health problem that affects 20 percent of the population and often leads to long-term sick leave and reduced quality of life. Behavior-oriented interventions to increase the ability to manage pain and distress have shown to be critical in maintaining and increasing function and quality of life. Further development and increased availability of digital treatment interventions can help patients with chronic pain to improve functioning and contribute to reduced sick leave.


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