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Information for PhD students admitted between July 2013 and Dec 2017

CNS requirements determined by the Director of Doctoral education, may differ from KI’s general guidelines. In each individual case, the Director for Doctoral education shall determine which activity may be approved to fulfill the Doctoral education obligations.

How to report?

Use Form 16 + attachment as indicated below.

Send to: Kseniya Hartvigsson, Tomtebodavägen 18A floor 5

International conference

At least 1.5 credits (min 3 days)

Oral or poster presentation


  • an extract from the abstract book
  • a certificate of attendance or invitation

Seminars/Journal Clubs

At least 1.5 credits (min 30 hours)

Seminar series within the department. Accumulate minimum 30 hours before you ask for accreditation.

Journal clubs have no strict format, but a PhD student is expected both to host a journal club session (i.e. present the scientific paper) as well as take part in the discussions when another person is presenting. The student's supervisor or other responsible person should sign an attendance record for each occasion.


Seminar attendance form which must indicate:

  • theme of the seminars
  • dates
  • seminar length per occasion
  • and be verified by the responsible organiser

Research visit

1.5 credits per week

Visit to an academic or industrial institution for the purpose of interacting scientifically.

This can NOT be accredited if the collaboration is part of the stated ISP project and personal development plan involving a co-supervisor.


A certificate from the host scientists which must indicate:

  • location
  • time period
  • tasks
  • possibly a review from the person signing the certificate


1.5 credits for 30 hours including preparation time

Teaching within personal research area for practical pedagogical training, including time for preparation. Accumulate minimum 30 hours before you ask for accreditation.

You should conduct a teaching course in pedagogy for teachers before you begin teaching at KI. Primarily teaching encompasses classroom-based activities. While lab-based supervision of project workers is a beneficial experience it is not accredited for teaching in this context.


A certificate from the course coordinator which must indicate:

  • the level of education e.g. medical student programme term 9
  • subject
  • date/time and number of hours of teaching

Why? The purpose is to deepen knowledge through presenting and discussing with research colleagues locally, nationally and internationally.


Kseniya Hartvigsson

Doctoral education Administrator