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Olaf Bergmann’s Group

We are interested in studying mechanisms and turnover dynamics of cell renewal in various organ systems.

The main focus of our work is dedicated to obtain a better understanding of the regenerative capacity of the heart. We use radiocarbon birth dating to establish the age of human cardiomyocytes and animal models to explore novel factors that modulate cardiomyocyte cell cycle activity. We aim to provide the foundation for therapeutic strategies that can activate regenerative pathways to help the failing heart to heal from within. The Bergmann Lab addresses the following biological questions:

What is the magnitude of cardiomyocyte renewal in mammals?

What are the mechanisms that limit cardiomyocyte renewal?

Which factors can modulate cardiomyocyte renewal?

Group Members

Marion BaniolPostdoc
Olaf BergmannForskarassistent
Enikö LazarPostdoc

Selected publications