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Stockholm Medical Image Laboratory and Education (SMILE)

Founded in 2001 as a core facility at Karolinska Institutet & Karolinska University Hospital, SMILE is reestablished in 2019, with the purpose to facilitate the evaluation of medical digital images, irrespective of source.

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SMILE - Stockholm Medical Image Laboratory and Education

SMILE is the translational hub where clinicians, researchers and PhD-students from academy, healthcare and industry meet and benefit from the collected competence in image analysis, visualization and quantification. While using the images, tools and innovations for improved diagnostics and patient care, near collaboration with medtech companies is a prerequisite.

By preparing access to and treating clinical and preclinical images in a scientific way we strive to optimize the availability and use of medical image technology by

  • extracting, processing and visualizing medically significant information
  • make images and structured data available for data mining, radiomics and radiogenomics
  • offering a regional and national network and education around techniques, ethics and policies connected to the use of clinical and preclinical images and to them connected data

The SMILE Advisory Board


Name Location
Lennart Blomqvist Radiology, MMK, KS
Moustapha Hassan Oncology, ECM, LABMED, KS (PIF)
Cathrine Jonsson Radiation Physics, OnkPat, KS
Tie-Qiang Li MR Physics, CLINTEC, KS
Anders Persson Radiology, CMIV , LiU-CMIV (KI, CLINTEC)
Fernando Seoane Bioelectronics, CLINTEC, KS
Örjan Smedby Radiology, Visualization, KTH MTH, (KS)
Eric Westman Geriatrics, Image Analysis
Ozan Öktem Mathematics KTH
Tomas Jonsson Medical Radiation Physics, KS


Andy Triantafyllos Paparountas Ph.D., MBA
phone: 08-524 83801

Scientific Director:
Professor Birgitta Janerot Sjöberg,

Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge,
Medical Radiation Physics and Nuclear Medicine C2-76,
141 85 Stockholm