Research and research groups at the Divison of Transplantation Surgery

About the research at the Division of Transplantation Surgery. Professor Bo-Göran Ericzon is Head of the Division. Visit the respective researchers and groups websites for more information about their area of research.

Bo-Göran Ericzon Research Group - Transplantation Surgery

Bo-Göran Ericzon

  • Tolerance induction in organ transplantation,
  • Liver transplantation for familiar amyloidotic polyneuopathy and domino transplantation,
  • Liver transplantation research.

Erik Berglund

  • Tolerance induction for the full acceptance of transplanted organs,
  • Novel Immunosuppression Regimens and Ischemia-Reperfusion-Injury

Anna Domogatskaya

Pancreas islet 3D imagine

Ewa Ellis

Isolation of Hepatocytes

Ingela Fehrman-Ekholm

Kidney Living Donors

Helena Genberg

Bloodgroup incompatible organtransplantation

Carl Jorns

  • Donation after circulatory death (DCD)
  • Hepatocyte transplantation
  • Clinical liver transplantation research

Makiko Kumagai-Braesch

Experimental islet transplantation and Tolerance induction in organtransplantation

Torbjörn Lundgren

Pancreas islet and organ transplantation

Greg Nowak

Machine perfusion of liver graft

Lars Wennberg

Kidney transplant research

Michael Uhlin Research Group - Immunology

Michael Uhlin

Immunological research, mainly focusing on T-cells.