New graduate students at CLINTEC


Helena Hallencreutz Grape

Enhancing the understanding of men with chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS)/chronic prostatitis (CP)

Eleftheria Maria Panagiotou

Analysis of cell type-specific adverse effects in ovaries

Kristina Ehn

New plasma and platelet products; evaluation of hemostatic and functional properties in experimental study

Simon Blixt

Treatment and outcome of vertebral fractures

Gabriel Saliba

The role of molecular subtypes and biomarkers in gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma for individually tailored treatment and increased overall survival

Rasmus Blomkvist

Predictive markers for laryngeal cancer

Hanna Dumky

Immigrant Women and breast cancer screening

Vilma Lagebro

Sentinel node B-cells and their interaction with host’s immune system in head and neck cancer

Christian Ahlstedt

Lactate kinetics in septic shock and the role of fluid administration strategy