New graduate students at CLINTEC

New graduate students


Gustav Alvfeldt

Standardised reporting template effect on reporting completeness – a retrospective analysis in radiology reporting for rectal cancer staging using MRI

Zheer Tawfique

Bone conducted stimulation in audiology and neurotology: new perspectives

Eirini Paziou

Allergen specific immunotherapy and predictive markers

Ulrika Skogeland

Person-Centred Care in CF: Experience and Adherence of KaftrioR -Treated and lung-Transplaned persons

Charlotte Palmqvist

Further research on hygiene aspects within an X-ray department

Leah Hernandez-Munoz

Uremia-induced early vascular ageing: targets of injury and potential therapeutics

Ted Nilsson

Kinetic modelling and textural analysis applied to PET imaging with FAPI in pancreatic and gastric leasions

Timo Oosterveld

Energy metabolism in the critically III

Lise-Lott Larsson

Healthcare professional related factors and airborne bioparticles during arthroplasty surgeries

Ingrid Alvarez

Psychoactive drugs and breastfeeding

Jenny Wrackefeldt

Development and implication of a digital application for PROMS in patients with chronic kidney disease

Qingyun Yao

Effectiveness of cervical screening among post-menopausal women based on HPV testing, self-sampling

Feven Dawit

Alagille syndrome – a challenging multiorgan disease

Jari Radros

Contemporary management of small renal masses

Dawid Rutkowski

A deep learning-based radiogenomic approach to assess tumour characteristics in pancreatic cancer

Vera Nilsén

A study on liver transplantation – immunological mechanisms in health and allograft rejection and the need for organs for transplantation

Ainhoa Garcia Serrano

Studies of the microbiome in cancer

Ebba Asplund

Liquid biopsy before and after surgery for pancreatic cancer

Emel Yilmaz

Studies on possible improvements of the performance of cervical screening

Ulrika Liliemark

Biliary atresia – etiology, pathogenesis and connection to CMV infection.

Frida Oldendorff

Grampositiva bakterier på neonatalavdelning – aspekter på kolonisation, infektion, diagnostik och prognos

Alexandra Nowak

Infections, immune response and microbiome in kidney transplant recipients

Paraskevi Kosma

The development of early airway function in preterm and term born infants.

Artborg, Angelica

CKD and infectious diseases

Galyna Zinko

Different guiding techniques for percutaneous ablation of renal masses

Clara Svenberg Lind

Surgical injury in otorhinolaryngology
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