New graduate students at CLINTEC

New graduate students


Dag Seldén

Albumin - Quality and leakage in sepsis

Kristoffer Sola

Computed tomography in kidney transplantation with focus on renal function, sarcophenia and body composition

Frederik Bär

Developing patient-specific iPSC based treatment of blindness

Simone Bendazzoli

Machine learning-based approaches for tumor segmentation, cancer classification and prognosis

Sarah Saietz

Embryonic stem cell-based treatment of retinal degenerative disease

Nina Milerad

Immunocompetence and host response to bacterial colonization and infection

Autumn 2021

Erika Bergström Börlin

Assessment and intervention of severe voice disorders

Agnes Modée

Adverse events in cholesteatoma surgery: risk, contribution factors and quality of life

Elisabeth Nagy

It is all connected

Antonio Romano

Assessment of the liver graft quality and strategies to reduce ischemic-reperfusion injury using dynamic preservation techniques

Shahla Mobini Kesheh

Optimization of radiation dose and image quality in digital radiography and radioscopy procedures.

Kaile Chen

On the application of interactive process mining to clinical epidemiology studies with real world data

Savas Kesen

Optimizing liver contrast medium enhancement at computed tomography

Siri af Burén

New PET tracers 68Ga-ABY-025 in patients with gastroesophageal cancer

Malin Dahlby Skoog

Long-term effects of early cochlear implantation: A follow-up study

Aziza Adem

Optimization of patient preparations for computer tomography of the heart

Resthie Putri

Impaired liver metabolism in pediatric obesity

Aikaterini Zamprakou

Non-invasive assessment of fetal hypoxia during pregnancy and delivery