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New graduate students at CLINTEC


Anna Martina Gustafsson

Development and evaluation of new techniques for immunological follow-up after solid organ transplantation


Alejandro Marcano

To operate or not to operate: The invisible hand in healthcare decision making.

Sara Marin Juan

Prognostic factors indicating a severe graft-versus-disease in children, after hematopoietic stem cell transplant

Hanna Steurer

Intensive rehabilitation of speech and communication in Parkinson’s disease

Tianyi Li

FREIA – mechanisms of ovarian disruption by environmental chemicals

Halla Sif Ólafsdóttir

Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Oesophageal Cancer

Sigurdur Árnason

Facial nerve palsy in children; treatment and outcome.

Laura Baque Vidal

Genome engineered pluripotent stem cells for regenerative medicine

Krzysztof Piersiala

Sentinel node B-cells and their role in tumour specific immune suppression in head and neck cancer.

Jasmin Hassan

SveaFertil-Development of fertility preservation through cryopreservation for young girls

Marika Schütz

Intensive rehabilitation of aphasia and apraxia of speech -neuroplastic speech and language outcomes and implementation in health care

Alexander Waldthaler

Advanced imaging in ERCP

Emilie Hagberg

Effekt av behandling på talet hos barn födda med läpp-käk-gomspalt

Artur Tomson

Monitoring the effect of anti-cancer treatment in gastro-esophageal cancer with PET tracers

Gun Danielsson

To better understand how BCG immune-therapy affect the quality of life in treated bladdercancer patient

Silvia Malenicka

Intention-to-treat analysis of long-term outcome in pediatric liver transplantation

Elnaz Sepehri

Regenerativ slutning av kroniska trumhinneperforationer – kliniska och experimentella studier

Katarina Greve

Höftfrakturer i en åldrande befolkning (….)