Researchers at the Divison of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

List of reserarchers and facilities at the division


Erzsébert Bartha
Marcus Brynolf
Johan Creutzefeldt
Hans Hjelmqvist
Christina Hebert
Towe Jakobsson
Sigridur Kalman
Lisbet Meurling
Åke Norberg
Suzanne Odeberg Wernerman
Jan Persson
Panuwat Promsin
Olav Rooyackers
Alf Sollevi
Nicolas Tardif
Jan Wernerman
Birgitta Åkedotter Gustafsson

Research nurses and technical staff

Research nurses and technical staff
Kristina Kilsand
Janelle Cederlund
Christina Hebert
Towe Jakobsson
Eva Skog Nejman

Research facilities

A laboratory room at B45

This room is mainly used for blood sample handling

A study room at B45

This room is used for studies including patients or volunteers. For use and booking contact Olav Rooyackers or one of the research nurses

KFC – metabolomics lab 

Located at the 6th floor in the NOVUM building. This is an analytical laboratory that is fully equipped for different kind of analyses. For visits or request for analytical help please contact Olav Rooyackers.


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