Cognition and Language Disorders

Neurological diseases often affect brain regions that are necessary for language use. Functions taken for granted by most of us can become impaired, including finding the appropriate words and keeping the thread of an ongoing conversation.

Projects that we participate in focus on aphasia and the broader category of cognitive-communication disorders.

Projekt group leader

Per Östberg

Project group members

Name Title Function
Per Östberg Assoc. prof, PhD Project group leader
Ellika Schalling Assoc, prof, SLP Researcher
Marika Schütz SLP Master student
Fredrik Sand SLP Doctoral student

Research projects

  • Intensive rehabilitation of aphasia
  • Syntactic complexity and cognition
  • Central auditory dysfunction in primary hearing assessment (with Esma Idrizbegovic, Christina Hederstierna, Jeanette Hägerström, Ulf Rosenhall)

Selected publications

Östberg P, Backlund C, Lindström E. Convergent and diagnostic validity of STAVUX, a word and nonword spelling test for adults. Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology,, 2015 11 1-5.

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Cederlöf M, Östberg P, Pettersson E, Anckarsäter H, Gumpert C, Lundström S, Lichtenstein P. Language and mathematical problems as precursors of psychotic-like experiences and juvenile mania symptoms. Psychological Medicine 2014;44:1293-302.

Blom Johansson M, Carlsson M, Östberg P, Sonnander K. A multiple-case study of a family-oriented intervention practice in the early rehabilitation phase of persons with aphasia. Aphasiology 2013;27:201-26.

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