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Administration - CLINTEC

Each unit at the Department of Clinical Sciences, Intervention and Technology (CLINTEC) is led by a professor/senior lecturer assisted by an administrator. Two-thirds of CLINTECs administrators are employed at their particular unit, and work directly under a unit manager.

The administrative work of each unit mainly covers researcher support and undergraduate and contract education. It also involves a certain amount of financial, human resource and postgraduate administration along with other general administrative tasks.

The rest of CLINTECs administrative work is done centrally, most importantly the day-to-day accounting, financial follow-ups/analyses, personnel matters, postgraduate education and IT/internet. CLINTECs administrative manager has responsibility for its overall administrative operations. The office of the Head of

Department employs a total of five full-time staff, including the administrative manager. The office is a shared resource able to offer integrated competence on different areas.

CLINTECs administrators meet regularly in the administration group to discuss matters and swap experiences, in order to make sure that administrative issues are dealt with uniformly and in line with KIs intentions.

Head of Divisions / Administrators

Central administration