Researchers at the Divison of Surgery and Oncology

Name Title Email
Arnelo, Urban MD, PhD
Dahlstrand, Ursula MD., PhD
Engstrand, Jennie MD
Ghorbani, Poya MD
Gilg, Stefan MD
Hammarqvist, Folke Docent
Heuchel, Rainer Senior Researcher, Docent, Head of Pancreatic Research Lab
Klevebro, Fredrik MD, Docent
Lindblad, Mats MD, PhD, Docent
Löhr, Matthias Professor of Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Nilsson, Magnus Professor
Rouvelas, Ioannis MD, Docent
Sparrelid, Ernesto MD, Docent
Strommer, Lisa MD
Strömberg, Cecilia MD
Sturesson, Christian MD, Docent
Tsai, Jon MD, Docent
Wang, Qiaoli MD
Åsa Catapano