PhD Representative for Cancer Research KI

We are looking for a PhD student at Karolinska Institute (KI) to take on the role of PhD Student Representative within Cancer Research KI (CRKI).

CRKI is an umbrella organization encompassing over 350 research groups that aims to bridge clinical oncology at the Karolinska University Hospital/Karolinska Comprehensive Cancer Centre (KCCC) and cancer research at KI. The goal is to provide a platform which supports research and education in order to promote new scientific discoveries that will ultimately improve patient care. More details can be found on our website. If you haven’t signed-up for the newsletter, please do and spread the word to your colleagues!

As a PhD Student Representative at CRKI, you will be expected to participate in Board Meetings which usually happen either once every 4-5 weeks, alternating between presential and virtual meetings. This is a great opportunity to directly participate in the decision making and planning of activities and events within the Cancer Theme at KI, bringing the views and representing the interests of PhD students within the organization. 

Please send an email to Cancer Research KI ( with a brief statement on why you would like to join CRKI as a PhD Student Representative. Also, add a paragraph mentioning your research group and your research topic or interests. Deadline for the application is on December 23rd 2023. A decision will be made the following month, and your role as a PhD Student Representative at CRKI will start in January 2024. 

I really appreciated and learned a lot during my time at CRKI. I was more directly involved in the Outreach workgroup, and really enjoyed the opportunity to help organize different conferences and events, such as the En dag för cancerforskning or the 6th Swedish Cancer Research Meeting. One of the key points that I tried to bring to CRKI was to incentivize a more bottom-up approach to how decision making is done at KI, and I am positive that the Reference Group will help with that. But the work never stops, and it is up to you now to take on the torch with a fresh approach!

Pedro Fonseca, current PhD representative at CRKI

On behalf of CRKI, we thank you for your interest and we are looking forward to your applications. If you have any questions regarding the position, feel free to reach out to our current representative at

Dina Dabaghie