Images of Cancer Research - Competition by Cancer Research KI

They say that a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’, and with that Cancer Research KI would like to see all the great research that is being conducted within our community here at KI by our junior and senior researchers- and what better way to do that than with an image. The winning creation from this competition will be used as the banner on the organisation´s webpage; so, this is a pretty big deal! The winner will of course also receive a great price that will be announced soon.

Microscopy sample in green, red and blue on a black background
Breast tumour sample stained for basal (red) and luminal (green) cell markers. Photo: Leander Blaas Photo: Leander Blaas

Entries, to the competition, will be exhibited online as well as in a physical exhibition at KI (when it is possible), on our homepage and advertised through our social media to show everyone at KI, and those that visit our homepage the work of our researchers! We would like you to focus on one of our central themes which is ‘Cancer Research’. This can be anything from bench-to-clinic applications, collaborations, patient interactions, cells- anything! However, the image must reflect research in the cancer domain in one way or another. All participants (entrant, collaborator(s) of the submission, person(s) shown in the image) must sign a consent form. Please read the eligibility and submission rules below and start the creative process! We are looking forward to receiving your creations.



  1. Anyone working/studying at KI at the Ph.D., postdoc level, and above.
  2. You must be working within cancer, and your entry must be related to this.
  3. You may collaborate with an internal (KI) or external researcher/ industry/ organisation/ patient/ doctor but the main entrant must be from KI and be affiliated with cancer research. Details of the collaborator(s) will be requested in an additional word document. These collaborators will be listed as well with the image.  


  1. You must submit your entry via your KI email by this date: April 1, 2021
  2. Entries/questions should be sent to
  3. Add the following to the subject of the email: Cancer Research KI Image Entry 2021_First and Last Name.
  4. Your image! Only one per entrant. With your first and last name as the image name.
  5. Your image must be of your own work/creation, if someone else is in the photo they MUST give you written consent to be in the photo.
  6. Consent forms must be scanned and attached with your image entry.
  7. Your image needs a catchy short title (max 10 words).
  8. Your image needs a short abstract that describes the impact of the research in the image and how it reflects the theme (max 150 words) in plain English.
  9. Some additional details on the statement on consent will be requested in a separate PDF document which needs to be submitted with your entry as well. Please find the PDF below for download.
  10. Copyright belongs to the photographer; however, some post modifications might be necessary to adjust the image to our banner (e.g., cropping). KI general copyright information:


In total, we expect (1) your image, (2) consent form(s), plus a (3) word doc with submission details.


Image Specifications:

  1. Size should be 700 × 500 mm
  2. Resolution of 300 dpi in scale 1:1
  3. JPEG (.jpeg) or TIFF (.tiff) format
  4. Landscape layout not portrait

If you are using your mobile phone, try to use one that has a very good camera, try to avoid blurring, and make sure to send the highest resolution possible.



It is the responsibility of the individual entering the competition to ensure that all requirements are met. Submissions that do not completely fulfill the stated specifications and submission rules will be disqualified.


Some examples to get the creative juices flowing:

[Scotland] University of Strathclyde:

[Australia] University of South Australia:

[England] University of Bath:

Statement of consent