Cancer Research KI Research training

Cancer Research KI provides education and training in cancer research at all academic levels.

Undergraduate level

Cancer Research KI offers an 8 weeks course in Molecular Oncology and Biostatistics as part of the Bachelor's biomedical program.

Subsequently, Cancer Research KI provides

  • A Tumor biology track as part of the Master's program in Biomedicine
  • Graduate courses in Oncology and Tumor biology as part of the PhD program
  • A Clinical research training school (NatiOn)
  • A Young cancer leader program (YCL)

Master's program in Biomedicine

Cancer Research KI organizes a six weeks course block every autumn term for Master's students in Biomedicine as well as five 1-2 week courses addressing basic aspects of tumor biology, covering topics such as

  • basic cancer biology
  • diagnosis, prevention, treatment and quality of life
  • development of novel therapeutics
  • cancer genetics
  • genetic testing and counseling

Applications are handled by the master program office of KI.

FoTO - PhD-training program in Tumorbiology and Oncology

Doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet is supplemented by relevant doctoral courses.

FoTO organizes a PhD-training program in Tumor Biology and Oncology offering annual training courses in

  • basic tumor biology ("from molecule to patient")
  • new technologies
  • advanced focus courses on single cancer types

The PhD training program in Tumor Biology and Oncology provides an inspiring training environment including annual student retreats. The admission follows the general rules for eligibility at Karolinska Institutet.

NatiON - A National Clinical Oncology Research School

The National Clinical Oncology Research School (NatiOn) aims to provide clinicians and other health professionals with a strong and internationally competitive clinical scientific training in basic and new concepts in cancer biology, molecular oncology, research methods and clinical cancer research tools.

NatiOn works with a progressive pedagogic principle providing both necessary basic skills for clinical research and insights into cutting edge cancer biology and novel technologies.

The program primarily consists of six 2 - 5-week full time courses (total 20 weeks) comprising lectures, interactive seminars, mini-projects and computer labs.

Between course blocks, NatiON provides a virtual platform offering distance learning and Q/A with a qualified senior faculty members and international centers.

Young Cancer Leader (YCL)-program

Cancer Research KI and FoTO run interactive, self-organizing groups of young principal investigators and group leaders in cancer research at KI (YCL-groups).

YCL provides a platform for interaction across career levels.

YCL offers advanced training in grant writing and mentoring by senior scientists within or outside KI.

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