Cancer Research KI list of cancer research PIs across KI, H to S

Please find the head and neck cancer, health care sciences within cancer, Kidney cancer, liver bile and duct cancers, lung cancer, muscoskeletal cancer, prostate cancer, sarcomas, and skin cancer researchers at KI listed in the tables below.

Note that this is an initial list that may still contain errors in part because the response rate on the conducted survey was below a hundred per cent. We would therefore like you to be in contact with us if you find that your name has been erroneously entered or if you would like to complete the current information in any way. Please send your update request to

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Head and neck cancer research

Head and neck
Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Cardell Lars-Olaf ClinTec Introduction of immunological markers in lymph nodes for staging and therapeutics selection in head and neck cancer.
Ernberg Ingemar MTC
Gahm Caroline ClinTec
Garming Legert Karin DentMed
Munck Af Rosenschöld Wikland Eva ClinTec
Sugars Rachel DentMed
Tina Dalianis Onk-Pat
Ye Weimin MEB

Health Care Sciences, cancer research

Health care sciences
Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Björkhem-Bergman Linda NVS
Brandberg Yvonne Onk-Pat Psychosocial research related to cancer
Fang Fang IMM
Lampic Claudia KBH Focus on survivorship and quality of life in young adults with cancer. Leads research program Fertility and sexuality following cancer (Fex-Can).
Langius-Eklöf Ann NVS The research covers method development, intervention studies and implementation in clinical practice to enhance patient participation. The main project evaluate the effects of mHealth integration in cancer care regarding symptom burden, quality of life, cost-effectiveness and survival.
Lindahl Norberg Annika IMM
Pergert Pernilla KBH We perform childhood cancer healthcare research, focusing on intercultural care & clinical ethics.
Sharp Lena LIME
Tishelman Carol LIME Nursing_post diagnsosis_patient care and perception of disease

Kidney (renal cell) and urinary tract cancer research

Kidney (renal cell) and urinary tract
Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Egevad Lars Onk-Pat

Liver Bile duct Pancreas cancer research

Liver Bile duct Pancreas
Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Aleman Soo MedH
Andersson Emma CMB
Bergquist Annika MedH Biomarkets for eraly detection of cholangiocarcinoma
Björkström Niklas MedH We study human immunology with a focus on the microenvironment of tumors in the liver and biliary tract system.
Eriksson Ulf MBB The role of obesity ans diabetes on cancer development, focussing on the liver and liver cancer
Gerling Marco BioNut
Heuchel Rainer ClinTec Our research is focussing on pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cell / stromal cell interactions, using 3D cell culture models.
Lindahl Karin MedH
Löhr Matthias ClinTec Translational research in HPB cancers, especially pancreatic cancer, with preclinical models and personalised cancer medicine clinical studies
Sällberg Matti LabMed
Sällberg Chen Margaret DentMed Targeting cancer-associated pathogens for early cancer prevention and treatment
Sandberg Johan MedH We investigate the role of unconventional T cells (MAIT cells) in tissues, tumors and treatment.
Sparrelid Ernesto CLINTEC Liver and pancreatic cancer surgery, liver regeneration, liver immunology and pancreatic cystic lesions. Both clinical and translational research.
Stål Per MedH
Vujasinovic Miroslav MEDH

Lung cancer research

Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Bergö Martin BioNut Basic and translational cancer research on molecular mechanisms of tumor initiation, progression, and metastasis
Bernhardson Britt-Marie LIME
De Petris Luigi Onk-Pat Clinical factors of importance for immunotherapy in non-small cell (NSCLC), and biomarker studies in relation to treatment pathways in small-cell lung cancer (SCLC)
Dobra Katalin LabMed My focus is molecular profiling and understanding of cell-matrix interactions in aggressive mesenchymal tumours. By molecular modifications we can revert this EMT like phenomenon and tumour cells achieve an epithelioid differentiation. I also study both in experimental and clinical settings various tumor driving mutations and angiogenic factors and by combining various genome wide analyses with ex vivo drug sensitivity/resistence profiling we can pinpoint individual fingerprints of tumours and match them with the best suited individualised therapy.
Ekman Simon Onk-Pat
Eriksson Lars E. LIME Translational aspects with patient reported outcome measures and biomarkers
Hydbring Per Onk-Pat Deciphering of the transcriptional landscape to identify RNAs involved in resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors in lung cancer
Jackson Veronica MMK Outcome following thoraic cancer surgery
Larsson Lars FyFa
Lewensohn Rolf Onk-Pat
Lindberg Karin Onk-Pat Integration of stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT)  in the metastastic setting and evaluation of SBRT to centrally  located lung lesions. 
Lönnroth Knut GPH
Norberg Erik FyFa To investigate cancer metabolism and its regulation.
Stenius Ulla IMM
Viktorsson Kristina Onk-Pat Precision cancer medicine for lung cancer. Identification of resistance mechanisms with focus on Eph signaling. Biomarker discovery by analyses of tumor derived exosomes in lung cancer liquid biopsies.
Zhivotovsky Boris IMM Why some tumor cells are resistant to cell death?

Musculoskeletal cancer research

Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Wedin Rikard MMK Prognostication and surgical treatment of patients with skeletal metastases. Clinical decision supports based on Machine Learning

Prostate cancer research

Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Akre Olof MMK
Bonn Stephanie MEDS
Carlsson Stefan MMK Improve diagnosing prostate cancer.
Clements Mark MEB Health economic evaluation of cancer screening
Eklund Martin MEB
Grönberg Henrik MEB
Gustafsson Jan-Åke BioNut
Gustafsson Ove ClinTec
Lindberg Johan MEB
Nilsson Sten Onk-Pat
Wiklund Fredrik MEB Population-based genetic epidemiological studies of testicular and prostate cancer.
Wiklund Peter MMK

Sarcomas research

Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Tsagkozis Panagiotis MMK Sarcomas and metastatic bone disease

Skin cancer research

Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Emtestam Lennart MedH
Genander Maria CMB Stem cell heterogeneity in development and tumor initiation, focusing on skin and oesophageal squamous cell carcinomas.
Hansson Johan Onk-Pat Translational research in melanoma focusing on predictive and prognostic markers.
Holmdahl Rikard MBB Redox control of the immune response to cancer.
Ibanez Carlos NEURO Physiological Roles and Signaling Mechanisms of Death Receptor p75NTR: Application to Drug Discovery in Melanoma and other Cancers
Kasper Maria CMB Skin cancer. We study the cellular heterogeneity, molecular signals and niche importance in healthy skin and skin cancer (BCC, SCC, Melanoma), using single-cell transcriptomics, computational biology, spatial tissue mapping, human tissue, and mouse models.
Ollmar Stig ClinTec
Pivarcsi Andor MedS We investigate the role of non-coding RNAs in different forms of skin cancers.
Ringborg Ulrik Onk-Pat
Seregard Stefan CNS