Cancer Research KI list of cancer research PIs across KI, C to G

Please find the cancer epidemiology, endocrine organ cancer, gastrointestinal tract cancer, general imaging within cancer and gynaecological organ cancer researchers at KI listed in the tables below.

Note that this is an initial list that may still contain errors in part because the response rate on the conducted survey was below a hundred per cent. We would therefore like you to be in contact with us if you find that your name has been erroneously entered or if you would like to complete the current information in any way. Please send your update request to

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Cancer epidemiology research

Cancer Epidemiology
Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Adami Hans-Olov MEB
Almqvist Malmros Catarina MEB
Andersson Therese MEB Statistical methods for estimating cancer patient survival and population-based descriptive cancer epidemiology. Have worked with a range of cancer sites, especially hematology.
Askling Johan MedS
Bahmanyar Shahram MEDS
Bellocco Rino MEB
Czene Kamila MEB Main focus of research is genetic and mammographic factors of breast cancer prognosis
Dickman Paul MEB
Edgren Gustaf MEDS
Lambe Mats MEB
Lambert Paul MEB
Lindblom Annika MMK
Nyren Olof MEB
Palmgren Juni MEB
Pasternak Björn MedS Investigation of drug safety concerns where the outcome is cancer. Pharmacoepidemiology using register data.
Rantalainen Mattias MEB Computational pathology and cancer precision medicine based on large population representative studies driven by machine learning and AI.
Reilly Marie MEB
Valdimarsdottir Unnur MEB
Weiderpass Vainio Elisabete MEB I am a cancer epidemiologist. Since 2019 Director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer - IARC/WHO (

Endocrine organ cancer research

Endocrine organ
Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Juhlin Christofer Onk-Pat Molecular characterization of endocrine tumors for improved clinical handling.
Larsson Catharina Onk-Pat Molecular, functional and clinical aspects of endocrine tumor development
Zedenius Jan MMK Translational research on prognostic markers in thyroid cancer, neuroendocrine and adrenal tumors.

Gastrointestinal tract cancer research

Gastrointestinal tract
Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Aaltonen Lauri BioNut
Gustafsson Ulf KI DS
Holm Torbjörn KI SÖS
Hultcrantz Rolf MedS Colorectal cancer screening
Ingelman-Sundberg Magnus FyFa
Katajisto Pekka CMB We study the early steps of tumor initiation in the gastrointestinal tract.
Lagergren Jesper MMK Aetiology, prevention and treatment of oesophageal and gastric cancer.
Lagergren Pernilla MMK Patient-reported outcome research on cancer survivorship, mainly oesophageal cancer.
Ludvigsson Jonas MEB
Martling Anna MMK
Näslund Erik KI DS
Nilsson Magnus ClinTec Clinical and translational research within the field of gastric and esophageal cancer.
Nordenvall Caroline MMK Research in colorectal surgery with focus on colorectal cancer end inflammatory bowel disease.
Segelman Josefin MMK
Williams Cecilia BioNut… Role of oestrogen in colorectal cancer development. Impact on inflammation, microbiota, obesity, carcinogenesis.

General imaging, cancer research

General imaging
Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Holmin Staffan CNS
Stone-Elander Sharon CNS
Tran Thuy CNS We focus on the development of radiotracers for precision diagnostics, therapy and monitoring of diseases, with the emphasis in oncological diseases. We conduct studies including cyclotron production of exotic radiometals using solid target, novel radiotracer developments, and biological evaluation studies in vitro and in vivo to clinical translation.

Gynecological organ cancer research

Gynecological organ
Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Andersson Sonia KBH
Carlson Joseph Onk-Pat
Dillner Joakim LabMed Basic research in tumor virology. Applied research in cancer prevention, focussing on screening and vaccination.
Falconer Henrik KBH "1. Clinical research in Gynecologic Oncology2. Epidemiological research gynecologic cancer" KUH Cervical Cancer Prevention Head
Lehtinen Matti Labmed
Mints Miriam KBH
Seashore-Ludlow Brinton Onk-Pat We work on systematically evaluating drug response in patient derived cells ex vivo.
Shoshan Maria Onk-Pat
Sparen Pär MEB