Cancer Research KI list of cancer research PIs across KI, B

Please find the blood cancer, nervous system cancer researchers at KI listed in the tables below.

Note that this is an initial list that may still contain errors in part because the response rate on the conducted survey was below a hundred per cent. We would therefore like you to be in contact with us if you find that your name has been erroneously entered or if you would like to complete the current information in any way. Please send your update request to

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Blood cancer research

Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Achour Adnane MedS MHC class I-restricted cancer-associated neoantigens and TEIPP. Design of altered peptide ligands through X-ray crystallography.
Alici Evren MedH
Bajalica Lagercrantz Svetlana Onk-Pat
Björkholm Magnus MedS Biology of Hodgkin and related lymphomas. Epidemiology of hematological malignancies
Brodin Petter KBH
Bryceson Yenan MedH
Carlsten Mattias MedH
Chambers Benedict MedH My research examines the role of innate immune cells in cancer.
Coquet Jonathan MTC I study the role of the immune system in cancer elimination and growth.
Ekström-Smedby Karin MedS Risk, survival and survivorship of malignant lymphomas and other cancer forms
Eloranta Sandra MEDS
Gabriel Erin MEB
Gerlach Carmen MedS Our goal is to improve cancer immunotherapy (focus: adoptive T cell therapy & vaccination) by leveraging the unique functionalities of distinct T cell subsets
Glimelius Ingrid MEDS
Grönlund Hans CNS We do personal neoantigen predictions and tumor-specific T cell expansion and vaccination for clinical trials
Hassan Moustapha LabMed
Hellström Lindberg Eva MedH improve cure rates and symptom-free survival for patients with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS).
Henter Jan-Inge KBH
Höglund Petter MedH
Jacobsen Sten Eirik CMB
Kaipe Helen LabMed
Kallioniemi Olli-Pekka Onk-Pat
Karlsson Anna LabMed
Karlsson Mikael MTC Immunotherapy targeting the cancer stroma with a foucus on Macrophages and B cells.
Kärre Klas MTC
Kiessling Rolf Onk-Pat Immunotherapy of cancer and studies of tumor immune escape.
Kimby Eva MedH
Lehmann Soren MedH
Lennartsson Andreas BioNut… We are working on epigenomic and transcriptomic regulation, and epigenetic treatment of acute leukemia in adults and children.
Linder Stig Onk-Pat
Lindstrand Anna MMK Using zebrafish to develop combination therapies to overcome drug resistance in AML
Ljunggren Hans-Gustaf MedH Cancer immunotherapy, in particular exploring the potential of using NK cells alone or in combination with other drugs in malignant diseases. Much of this is explored in Phase I or II clinical trials with extensive exploratory analysis of patient material following NK cell infusions.
Ljungman Per MedH Viral infections and vaccinations after allogeneic stem cell transplantation mainly for malignancies.
Luc Sidinh MedH
Lundin Vanessa MedH
Lundqvist Andreas Onk-Pat Tumor Immunology, immunotherapy, tumor microenvironment
Malmberg Karl-Johan MedH
Månsson Robert Labmed By linking genetics and epigenetics, we try to understand the aberrant gene regulatory mechanisms in multiple myeloma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
Marquardt Nicole MedH Our research includes a focus on NK cells in human lung cancer as well as in human sarcoma tumors.
Marshall Heyman Mats KBH
Martinez Hoyer Sergio MTC
Masucci Maria CMB mechanism of tumor virus immune regulation and oncogenesis
Mattsson Jonas Onk-Pat Development of immunotherapy and CAR T-cell therapies in solid tumors with special focus on ovarian cancer
Mellstedt Håkan Onk-Pat
Michaelsson Jakob MedH
Mielke Stephan Labmed
Mjösberg Jenny MedH We study immunological mechanisms in the airways and gut with focus on innate lymphoid cells. Our studies of inflammation and cancer are translational as they are performed using human tissues.
Nahi Hareth MedH blood malignancy, multiple myeloma
Nilsson Gunnar MedS Primarily systemic mastocytosis, from QoL, to molecular mechanisms and regulation of mast cell hyoerreactivity. Secondly, mast cells as part of the tumor microenvironment.
Nilsson Anna KBH Adaptive immunity in children with cancer. Effects of chemo on normal lymphocytes
Nordgren Ann MMK
Okret Sam BioNut
Palm Apergi Caroline LabMed
Palmblad Jan MedH
Pan Hammarström Qiang BioNut… We study the mechanics involved in DNA repair and recombination during immunoglobulin gene diversification processes and their involvement in genome instability and cancer development.
Pokrovskaja Katja Onk-Pat Novel targeted therapies to overcome drug resistance in cancer treatment
Qian Hong MedH
Ringdén Olle ClinTec
Rosenquist Brandell Richard MMK By applying multiple high-throughput technologies we explore the molecular landscape of clinically relevant subgroups of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). This approach will enhance our understanding of key molecular events in CLL ontogeny and tumor evolution, and enable us to identify novel prognostic, predictiveand therapy resistance biomarkers, as well as innovative drug targets tailored to well-definedpatient subgroups.
Sander Birgitta LabMed
Sarhan Dhifaf LabMed Cancer immunotherapy- Exploiting innate memory and immune sexual dimorphism in the tumor microenvironment.
Smith Edvard Labmed
Sönnerborg Anders MedH
Svensson Mattias MedH
Uhlin Michael ClinTec
Ungerstedt Johanna MedH
Vu Nghia MEB
Wahlin Björn E. E. MedH
Wermeling Fredrik MedS CRISPR screens to identify how cancer cells resists immunotherapy in vivo. Also, projects related to how CRISPR enrich for mutations in tumor suppressor genes.
Westerberg Lisa MTC Tumor Immunology and Cell biology
Woll Petter MedH
Wright Anthony LabMed Understanding how missense mutations affecting the MYC and TP53 proteins promote cancer disease. Understanding lymphoma-related microenvironment interactions in relation to cancer cell survival and drug resistance.
Österborg Anders Onk-Pat

Brain and nervous system, cancer research

Brain and nervous system
Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Adameyko Igor FYFA We do study neuroblastoma origin and heterogeneity
Arenas Ernest MBB
Arsenian-Henriksson Marie MTC
Bartek Jiri MBB
Blomgren Klas KBH Characterisation and prevention of cognitive and other late complications occurring after radiotherapy to the juvenile brain
Castelo-Branco Goncalo MBB We are currently investigating how oligodendrocyte precursor cells transition to glioma initiating cells and whether OPCs can transition to immunocompetent states in the context of glioma.
Cheray Mathilde IMM Epigenetic reprogramming in brain tumors and their microenvironment
Ernfors Patrik MBB
Feychting Maria IMM Epidemiological studies mainly on brain tumors and childhood cancers.
Frisén Jonas CMB
Harris Robert CNS Novel immunotherapies for glioblastoma multiforme. Focus on myeloid cells, as therapeutic agents, in studies of microglia depletion,and using nanoparticles to deliver siRNA
Hermanson Ola NEURO Molecular & bioengineering cues to steer and monitor stem-like cells in pediatric & adult neurooncology.
Holmberg Johan CMB Working on gene regulation and differentiation in neuroblastoma.
Jardemark Kent FyFa Evaluation of antibodies against mutated KRAS in cancer cells
Johnsen John Inge KBH Molecular and translational research on pediatric neural cancers
Joseph Bertrand IMM Myeloid cells contribution to brain tumours.
Kogner Per KBH
Muhr Jonas CMB
Nister Monica Onk-Pat
Shirazi Fard Shahrzad KBH My research set out to investigate consequences of tumour heterogeneity for the progression into refractory disease, with the objective to target residual disease and prevent metastasis
Träger Catarina KBH
Wickström Malin KBH New therapies in neuroblastoma
Wilhelm Margareta MTC Understanding the impact of tumor microenvironment on tumor development, and development of disease-relevant models for neural childhood malignancies
Zaphiropoulos Peter BioNut
Ährlund-Richter Lars KBH

Breast cancer research

Breast Cancer
Surname Given name Department Group website Description
Andersson Göran LabMed
Barragan Isabel FyFa Omics and clinicopathological features integration to identify clinically relevant biomarkers of response to immunotherapy in cancer
Bergh Jonas Onk-Pat
Blaas Leander Bionut We are studying breast development, breast cancer cells-of-origin, lineage plasticity,and tumor heterogeneity
Czene Kamila MEB Main focus of research is genetic and mammographic factors of breast cancer prognosis
de Boniface Jana MMK 1. Large clinical cross-border prospective trials on the de-escalation of axillary surgery2. Prospective and retrospective research into breast reconstruction methods, their oncological safety and impact on quality of life3. Epidemiological studies on the impact of locoregional treatment on survival after breast cancer
Frisell Jan MMK Clinical Breast cancer research
Fuxe Jonas LabMed We explore the interface between cancer and inflammation. In particular, we aim to elucidate how inflammatory signals contribute to cancer progression and metastasis by inducing epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity.
Gemzell Danielsson Kristina KBH We are focusing on understanding the cause, identifying biomarkers for risk prediction and early diagnosis and the development of possible prophylactic treatment witha focus on gynecological cancer (including breast cancer, and women with brca mutations and endometriosis)
Hall Per MEB
Hartman Johan Onk-Pat Pathology; prediction of drug response in cancer patients. AI and molecular assays
Humphreys Keith MEB
Kuskowska-Wolk Alicja IMM
Lendahl Urban CMB We work on the role of dysregulated Notch signaling in cancer.
Linderholm Barbro Onk-Pat
Lindström Linda Onk-Pat Given the diversity of breast cancer and that the biological factors influencing the risk to die from the disease are not well understood, the Lindström research group’s main scientific interest is to identify the tumor and host characteristics needed to enable us to predict a patient’s long-term risk for fatal disease. We work interdisciplinary and currently focus our research into understanding the impact of intratumor heterogeneity, factors important for the long-term risk, endocrine therapy benefit, young versus older age at diagnosis, and benign breast diseases.
Sandelin Kerstin MMK
Sangfelt Olle CMB Our research focuses on studying the molecular mechanisms through which oncogenic ubiquitin ligasescontrols fundamental regulatory pathways and translate these basic research findings with the study of human cancer.
Spalding Kirsty CMB The contribution of human adipocytes to cancer progression and metastasis.
Strömblad Staffan BioNut Role of Cell-matrix interactions andCellular signaling in Cancer
Toftgård Rune BioNut
Wengström Yvonne NVS Exercise oncology, symptom improvement, screening behaviour
Wiedschwndter Martin KBH