Selected publications - Eckardt Treuter's group

Antagonistic action of GPS2 and KDM1A at enhancers governs alternative macrophage activation by interleukin 4.
Huang Z, Efthymiadou A, Liang N, Fan R, Treuter E
Nucleic Acids Res 2023 Jan;():

The corepressors GPS2 and SMRT control enhancer and silencer remodeling via eRNA transcription during inflammatory activation of macrophages.
Huang Z, Liang N, Goñi S, Damdimopoulos A, Wang C, Ballaire R, Jager J, Niskanen H, Han H, Jakobsson T, Bracken AP, Aouadi M, Venteclef N, Kaikkonen MU, Fan R, Treuter E
Mol Cell 2021 Mar;81(5):953-968.e9

Loss of G protein pathway suppressor 2 in human adipocytes triggers lipid remodeling by upregulating ATP binding cassette subfamily G member 1.
Barilla S, Liang N, Mileti E, Ballaire R, Lhomme M, Ponnaiah M, Lemoine S, Soprani A, Gautier JF, Amri EZ, Le Goff W, Venteclef N, Treuter E
Mol Metab 2020 12;42():101066

The Nuclear Receptor-Co-repressor Complex in Control of Liver Metabolism and Disease.
Liang N, Jakobsson T, Fan R, Treuter E
Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) 2019 ;10():411

Hepatocyte-specific loss of GPS2 in mice reduces non-alcoholic steatohepatitis via activation of PPARα.
Liang N, Damdimopoulos A, Goñi S, Huang Z, Vedin LL, Jakobsson T, et al
Nat Commun 2019 04;10(1):1684

G protein pathway suppressor 2 (GPS2) links inflammation and cholesterol efflux by controlling lipopolysaccharide-induced ATP-binding cassette transporter A1 expression in macrophages.
Huang Z, Liang N, Damdimopoulos A, Fan R, Treuter E
FASEB J. 2019 02;33(2):1631-1643

GPS2 Deficiency Triggers Maladaptive White Adipose Tissue Expansion in Obesity via HIF1A Activation.
Drareni K, Ballaire R, Barilla S, Mathew MJ, Toubal A, Fan R, et al
Cell Rep 2018 09;24(11):2957-2971.e6

Transcriptional repression in macrophages-basic mechanisms and alterations in metabolic inflammatory diseases.
Treuter E, Fan R, Huang Z, Jakobsson T, Venteclef N
FEBS Lett. 2017 10;591(19):2959-2977

Loss of the co-repressor GPS2 sensitizes macrophage activation upon metabolic stress induced by obesity and type 2 diabetes.
Fan R, Toubal A, Goñi S, Drareni K, Huang Z, Alzaid F, et al
Nat. Med. 2016 07;22(7):780-91

SMRT-GPS2 corepressor pathway dysregulation coincides with obesity-linked adipocyte inflammation.
Toubal A, Clément K, Fan R, Ancel P, Pelloux V, Rouault C, et al
J. Clin. Invest. 2013 Jan;123(1):362-79

GPS2-dependent corepressor/SUMO pathways govern anti-inflammatory actions of LRH-1 and LXRbeta in the hepatic acute phase response.
Venteclef N, Jakobsson T, Ehrlund A, Damdimopoulos A, Mikkonen L, Ellis E, et al
Genes Dev. 2010 Feb;24(4):381-95

GPS2 is required for cholesterol efflux by triggering histone demethylation, LXR recruitment, and coregulator assembly at the ABCG1 locus.
Jakobsson T, Venteclef N, Toresson G, Damdimopoulos AE, Ehrlund A, Lou X, et al
Mol. Cell 2009 May;34(4):510-8

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