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Prizes and Awards

Congratutations to KAW grant!

KAW grant to Luca Jovine for the project: "Integrative strucural biology of mammalian fertilization: Unveiling the beginning of life from gametes to atoms". 29 400 000 SEK over five years.

Carsten Daub is co-applicant on the project "Tissue-crosstalk and metabolic regulation of type 2 diabetes", granted 18 000 000 SEK over 3 years.
Congratulations to KI faculty funded career position!

Leander Blaas was awarded a KI faculty funded position as assistant professor!

Congratulations to LEO Foundation Gold Award!
Kasper LEO Award

Maria Kasper has been awarded the LEO Foundation Gold Award, given to talented young scientists. The Gold Award is DKK 1 million.

Congratulations to SSF grant!

Staffan Strömblad and six co-applicants are granted a total of 35 000 000 SEK (5 years) from SSF, for the project "Systems microscopy of cancer cell migration".

Congratulations to EFSD/Lilly Research Fellowship!

Rongrong 'Rocky' Fan has received one out of the eight 2017 EFSD/Lilly Research Fellowships for his project entitled 'Encrypting the role of macrophage GPS2 in the development of T2D complications'. Amount: 50.000 EUR

Congratulations to EASL Daniel Alagille Award!
Emma Andersson

Emma Andersson has been awarded the EASL Daniel Alagille Award with a total fund of 25,000 EUR for the project entitled "Consequences of missing a Notch in Alagille Syndrome: From basic mechanisms to testing therapies".

Congratulations to Hagelén-grant!

Out of a total of 70 applications Irene Franco was one of 2 applicants selected for David and Astrid Hagelén grants
Total SEK 394 000

Congratulations to CIMED-grant!
Out of a total of 26 applications Eckardt Treuter was one of 3 applicants selected for CIMED Senior Investigator grants for his project ”Epigenomic mechanisms underlying metaflammation”
Total SEK (2017-2021) 15 000 000
Congratulations to grants from the Swedish Cancer Society!
Karin Dahlman-Wright, project ”Genomiska analyser av Fra-1 funktion: från molekylära mekanismer till trippelnegativ bröstcancer terapi” Total SEK (2017-2019) 2 400 000
Jan-Åke Gustafsson Jan-Åke Gustafsson, project ”Östrogenreceptorn beta och cancer”
Total SEK (2017-2019) 3 750 000
Anita Göndör, project ”Genomisk organisation i fyra dimensioner: Rubbad cirkadisk plasticitet av cellkärnans arkitektur i 3D som en underliggande orsak till evolutionen av tumörer”
Total SEK (2017-2019) 1 800 000
Peter Svensson, project ”Kromatinets sammansättning reglerar post-initial transkriptionskontroll: mekanismer som förhindrar onkogeners uttryck”
Total SEK (2017-2019) 1 800 000
Congratulations to grants (Medicine and Health and NT) from VR – the Swedish Research Council!
Eriksson Maria Maria Eriksson, project ”Somatiska mutationer och åldrande"
Total SEK (2017-2020) 2 100 000
Anita Göndör, project ”Samspel mellan cellkärnans struktur och cirkadiska rytmer: Betydelse för människans sjukdomar"
Total SEK (2017-2020) 4 000 000
Juha Kere Juha Kere, project ”Molekylär neurobiologi av dyslexi”
Total SEK (2017-2020) 6 000 000
Marie Löf Marie Löf, project ”HealthyMoms - en mobiltelefonsapplikation för att främja hälsosam viktsökning och goda kost-och aktivitetsvanor under graviditet samt motverka fetma hos mammor och barn: en randomiserad studie” Total SEK (2017-2019) 2 100 000
Staffan Strömblad, project ”Funktion av Cell-matrix interaktioner och Pak4 i cancerutveckling”
Total SEK (2017-2020) 6 000 000
Eckardt Treuter, project ”Epigenomiska mekanismer bakom metaflammation”
Total SEK (2017-2020) 6 000 000
Luca Jovine, project ”Strukturella studier av proteinkomplex involverade i befruktning, försvar mot bakterier och cancer”
Total SEK (2017-2020) 3 374 000
Roger Strömberg Roger Strömberg, project ”Målsökande oligonukleotider och andra nya angreppssätt att behandla sjukdomar”
Total SEK (2017-2020) 3 150 000
GlobinLock was honored as technological innovation of the year!
Juha Kere and Kaarel Krjutškov

Patent pending invention GlobinLock® was honored with the title of technological innovation of the year at the Swedish Business Awards 2016 ceremony. The invention enables to analyze blood samples 30 times cheaper and significantly faster than current commercial methods.

GlobinLock is a molecular engineering tool that enables to analyze or re-analyze blood samples which are already collected by biobanks worldwide. It will simplify blood sample analysis strategies in the near future, having positive effect for millions of end users through advanced research or diagnostics”, explained Kaarel Krjutškov, one of the inventors, guest researcher of Karolinska Institutet Sweden and principal investigator of The Competence Centre on Health Technologies Estonia.

Blood sample analysis for novel biomarker discovery is hindered by red blood cells causing a high abundance of globin mRNA molecules in the sample. Current commercial solutions are capturing globin mRNA molecules through stringent hybridization via biotin-streptavidin magnetic beads. GlobinLock “silences” globin mRNA molecules prior subsequent manipulations, demands dozens of times less valuable RNA material, saves time and costs.

Mr Seth Lackman, CEO of Ericsson Estonia AB highlighted in the ceremony the outstanding collaboration between research and private sector where the patent pending application and trademark have been achieved with an extremely short time.

GlobinLock is developed in collaboration with prof Juha Kere research group at Karolinska Institutet and prof Andres Salumets team at The Competence Centre on Health Technologies Estonia.

More information about Swedish Business Awards:

A new method simplifies blood biomarker discovery and analysis

Congratulations to grant for Global Research Lab!
Hans Hebert research group

The Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in collaboration with Hans Hebert research group and Harvard Medical School has been awarded a Global Research Lab (GRL) grant from South Korea Research Council (NRF). Total grant ~25 000 000 SEK (2016-2022) for the project "Neurodegenerative diseases: Causes, Diagnosis and Therapeutics".

The aim is to understand the pathogenesis of polyglutamine (polyQ) tract neurodegenerative diseases, and to develop diagnosis and therapeutics. Particular focus will be on the causative proteins for Huntington’s disease (HD) and Spinocerebellar Ataxia type1 (SCA1).

Congratulations to Knut and Alice Wallenberg grant!
Emma Andersson

Katja Petzold (PI) at MBB, KI, and Emma Andersson are granted 33 520 000 SEK (5 years) for the project “MicroRNA control of neural development: Dissecting biological function with atomic resolution”.

Congratulations to FORTE and Horizon 2020 grants!
Marie Löf

Marie Löf is awarded 3,23 million SEK from FORTE (2017-2019) for her project ”The Smart City Active Mobile Phone Intervention (SCAMPI) study”.
From FORTE, Marie is also awarded as co-applicant with Ylva Trolle-Lagerros (PI, KI-MedS) for their project "App-teknik för bättre egenvård hos diabetespatienter-en randomiserad klinisk prövning i utsatta förorter" (App-technology for better self-care in diabetes), in total 3,63 million SEK (2017-2019).

Marie is also awarded 1,5 million SEK from Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme (of project total ~39) as co-applicant in the project ”Big data against Childhood obesity” (2017-2020).

Congratulations to KI faculty funded career positions!
Emma Andersson. Foto: Linda Lindell Emma Andersson was awarded a KI faculty funded position as assistant professor!
Linda Sofie Lindström Linda Sofie Lindström was awarded a KI faculty funded position as assistant professor!
Congratulations to grants from the Swedish Cancer Society!
Karl Ekwall, project ”Kromatinomformningsenzymer, celldifferentiering och nya strategier för epigenetisk cancerbehandling” Total SEK (2016-2018)
4 500 000
Staffan Strömblad, project ”Kromatinomformningsenzymer, celldifferentiering och nya strategier för epigenetisk cancerbehandlingFunktionen av Pak4 och cell-matrix-kontakter för cancerutveckling” Total SEK (2016)
1 250 000
Eckardt Treuter, project ”Studier av epigenomiska mekanismer som påverkar samspelet mellan metabola sjukdomar, inflammation och cancer: från musmodeller till nya strategier för att förebygga och behandla cancer” Total SEK (2016-2018)
2 400 000
Congratulations to grants (medicine and health and NT) from VR – the Swedish Research Council!
Andreas Lennartsson, project ”Epigenetisk reglering av multipotency i leukemiska stamceller- med fokus på enhancers” Total SEK (2016-2019)
2 100 000
Peter Svensson, project ” Kromatinets påverkan på post-initial transkriptionskontroll: inaktivering av integrerat HIV-1” Total SEK (2016-2019)
2 100 000
Eriksson Maria Maria Eriksson, project ”Molekylära studier av förtidigt åldrande”
Total SEK (2016) 1 000 000
Lennart Nilsson, project ”Konformationsdynamik och igenkänning hos biologiska makromolekyler” Total SEK (2016-2019)
3 100 000

Congratulations BEA and LCI core facilities to CIMED infrastructure grants!

Juha Kere. Foto: Ulf Sirborn Congratulations Juha Kere! Juha is granted 17 million SEK during 5 years from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. In total the foundation gives 150 million to KI researchers and three-quarters of a billion to Swedish Research projects.
Emma Andersson. Foto: Linda Lindell Congratulations Emma Andersson! Emma is awarded the Sven and Ebba-Christina Hagberg prize in medicine 2014