Learning microscopy

Microscopy course: 22 of Jan to 08 of Feb 2019

Brain-storming at the microscopy course 2016

Do you feel that your sample or your settings could be improved? Are you unsure of your microscopy skills? This course is perfect for you! Learn all the fundamentals of microscopy in details: what is resolution? How to choose the pixel size on a confocal? Which objective is most appropriate for this experiment? How to get rid of tissue autofluorescence? How to handle images for publication or get relevant statistics?

Lectures, group work and workshops where you get personalized feedback using your own sample!


Would you like to get trained by us but to use a microscope at your own department? In this case our facility offers two types of service:

Training at the LCI facility: you can come to our facility and get trained on our systems. We have Nikon confocals and widefields and a Zeiss 2 photon confocal. The training lasts for 5 half days within one week and It is an individual training. We work with your sample including sample preparation troubleshooting and image analysis if needed. Afterwards you can decide if you want to use your microscope at your department and/or use our microscopes for which you will pay a fee  depending on your needs (no additional hour fee). More information regarding the prices can be found under "Practical information".

Get trained on your own microscope: One of the LCI staff comes to your department to train you and other users so that your lab and other labs get the best out of your microscope. This service costs 20,000 SEK. We will be there the whole day. In the morning we will give lectures on different things like how to avoid bleedthrough, how to choose the correct objective for each application, how to adjust the settings of the microscope, tips about live cell imaging if needed…  These lectures will benefit anyone using microscopes regardless of the type of microscope they use. Then in the afternoon we will work on your microscope, we can show you loads of things including how to get the best out of an automated microscope and of course we will have some time for each student sample (max 5 students for the afternoon, no limit for the morning lectures).

We also run a yearly course on microscopy. This is for experienced microscopists to learn more (see above).

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Teaching material

Bleed through video

How to identify and avoid bleed through between fluorophores

Basics in Nikon NIS-Elements for confocal

Basics in Nikon NIS-Elements for confocal

How to find your sample without bleaching it

How to find your sample without bleaching it

Bit depth, saturation and underexposure

Bit depth, saturation and underexposure

Cleaning your coverslips before seeding your cells on them

Tips for sample preparation

Introduction to image analysis using NIS elements