Learning microscopy

Do you feel that your sample or your settings could be improved? Are you unsure of your microscopy skills? Getting trainned at our facility or joining the annual LCI microscopy course is perfect for you!

Learn all the fundamentals of microscopy in details: What is resolution? How to choose the pixel size on a confocal? Which objective is most appropriate for this experiment? How to get rid of tissue autofluorescence? How to handle images for publication or get relevant statistics?

Lectures, group work and workshops where you get personalized feedback using your own sample!

Link to watch LCI seminars and lectures

This is how to participate (as speaker or listener) to the LCI webinars and lectures:

  • Plug in your headset into a computer or a phone
  • Click on this link
  • The meeting window will open in the default browser
  • Click on ‘open Zoom meeting’ in the popup window (if no window pops up, click on the ‘Click here’ link first
  • Enter your name and click on ‘Join with computer audio’ (you can run the test to make sure all works well
  • If you are a speaker, please use a headset as the sound is much better than the sound from a computer microphone.


Our facility offers two types of training:

Training at the LCI facility: you can come to our facility and get trained on our systems. We have Nikon confocals and widefields and a Zeiss 2 photon confocal. The training lasts for 5 half days within one week and It is an individual training. We work with your sample including sample preparation troubleshooting and image analysis if needed. Afterwards you can decide if you want to use your microscope at your department and/or use our microscopes for which you will pay a fee depending on your needs (no additional hour fee).By following the links you can find more information regarding our equipment and the prices.

Get trained on your own microscope: one of the LCI staff comes to your department to train you and other users so that your lab and other labs get the best out of your microscope. This service costs 20,000 SEK. We will be there the whole day. In the morning we will give lectures on different things like how to avoid bleedthrough, how to choose the correct objective for each application, how to adjust the settings of the microscope, tips about live cell imaging if needed… These lectures will benefit anyone using microscopes regardless of the type of microscope they use. Then in the afternoon we will work on your microscope, we can show you loads of things including how to get the best out of an automated microscope and of course we will have some time for each student sample (max 5 students for the afternoon, no limit for the morning lectures).

Microscopy Courses 

We also run a yearly course on microscopy aimed for experienced microscopists to learn more. For more details regardingour microscopy course please click here.

Teaching Material

You can also watch our videos and get familiar with basics in sample preparation, image analysis and NIS elements software.

Microscopy netwok, jobs and software

Looking for a microscopy job? Wondering which analysis software is best for your images or where to find answers to your microscopy questions? Click here.

Testimonies from our users and students

Training and usage of the facility

"The training was very good. It was the first time in my career I had such a personalized and complete training on microscopy. It is very useful to spend several hours with someone from the LCI staff during the training and learn how to image our samples in the best way possible"
"The theory component of the training is invaluable!"
"I never had such a thorough introduction to microscopy anywhere else and I found what one learned very valuable for my experiments"
"It's great that those extensive trainings exist! It really helps to get most out of your samples"
"Best imaging place ever!"
"The staff of the facility are available to help troubleshoot at short notice and they are constantly bringing new technologies and techniques to the facility to improve results."

" I really like that the microscopes are maintained well and LCI is very helpful with any questions, trouble-shooting or even bouncing ideas"

" LCI staff are all very helpful and willing to help and interested!"

"The LCI imaging facility is the best imaging facility I encountered during my career regarding equipment (keeping up with new developments), training and support"


Microscopy courses

Vintage 2020:

"Through this entire course I have learned both basic and advanced things about microscopy and imaging. I have got enormous knowledge about different types of microscopes, detectors and also when do you have to use it etc. Entire course helped me to learn many things which I never had clue about. This course helps me to re-create my experiment in a better way."

"My overall comment for the course is that lectures were very good and informative, best part was the quiz and discussion of each week and my learning part mostly comes from that part. ……… honestly the way you guys patiently support and kindly helping me to understand the things was the highlight of my experience during these three weeks.”
"The course was very interesting, and I really enjoyed the physics behind light and how this affects imaging in microscopy. This was the basis of many new insights why we prepare and or image a sample in a certain way"
"Probably one of the best and most well-invested courses I've had, amazing job! The aim of the course was very clear and every lecture and workshop was designed to help understand and improve your own microscopy and imaging needs. Really gives context to features I hadn't even considered previously"


Vintage 2017:

"I think it's a great course that covers the basic knowledge all people working with any type of microscopy should know about!"
"The whole course is excellent already. Highly recommended!"
"The engagement of the teachers was amazing! The lectures, the workshops, and the student challenges were all very relevant and I enjoyed attending them."
"Very helpful to understand the limitation of the microscope and how the relation between the objective parameters and the subjective imperission of an image"
"I love best: Lecture contents, invited lectures and workshops. Practical information and something I can apply to my research."
"I think the course has covered a lot of the knowledge concerning imaging with microscopy. Beside the content described in the intended learning outcomes, there were also some very good lectures given by invited lecturers to cover extended and relevant knowledge."
"A very good course that cover both the basics and advanced topics about microscopy. Workshops were a very good idea"
"The course was done wholeheartedly by teachers experienced in microscopy, the mood was always good and the students felt free to ask questions and take part in the teaching."
"Student image challenge helped to understand how we should approach to our scientific question. Sylvie and Gabis lectures about sample preparation, microscope setup etc, were very valuable to understand the big picture. I also liked the repetitions of the information to make sure that we remember the most important things. Weekly quizzes also helped to put our knowledge into the context. Homework was also very good, because that forced us to really look at our machine and understand its capabilities. And of course the cinnamon buns were excellent :)"

Vintage 2016:

"Most of the lectures and all the workshops had excellent content, perfectly organized and structured, with a lot of effort from the teachers to ensure that each student follows and understands the subject, and to put the most practically important aspects into focus. And the opportunity to bring and work with "my very own" sample was invaluable for me."
"I really liked how things evolved from very basic to a more complex level. Sylvie was making sure in each step that we understood everything. The quiz sessions were very helpful to digest the knowledge.The student sample workshop, sample preparation workshop were very helpful."
"I found extremely useful the student challenge workshop as I could practically identify the drawbacks of my sample design and decide for strategies to improve it. I appreciate a lot how devoted the course teachers were, many times spending much more time with all the students out of the scheduled time, in order to ensure that all of us understood and learnt a lot. I also liked the quizz part which helped me understand to a great extent the content of the lectures."
"It was very good that we had the opportunity to get advice regarding our own sample, in that way we would definitely learn things that will improve our future experiments.'
'Workshop and student challenge offered a valuable chance to put in perspective the lectures."
"I think that every lecture/workshop gave new insights in my research."


Vintage 2015:
"The LCI staff was motivating us and was very patient with us, always super energetic and ready to help despite the super intense program!"
'The focus on fundamental knowledge and practical workshops are very good."
"In general the course was excellent.'
"The course is one of the best I have had in my 4 years at KI."