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Group leaders' journal club at BioNut

The Group leaders’s journal club at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition aims towards an increased network for PhD students. We also believe that this event would result in increased interactions between different research groups through increased interactions between PhD students and group leaders from different research groups. In addition we hope this event will help newly started research groups or members of small research groups to interact with people outside their research group.

The Journal Club will be led by two group leaders, occur monthly or once every second month, and include a selected group of students ie. PhD students registered at Department of Biosciences and Nutrition that have not done their half-time. Every occasion will include a 1-hour discussion on one research article (selected for its broad interest and high scientific quality) or a topic of interest (ie. ethical dilemma, PubPeer, predatory journals, or similar). The group leader pair will be changed biannually (or after 4 sessions).

Participation in the journal club will provide higher education credits that can be used for your doctoral education.


Current group leaders:

Previous leaders:

Spring 2018: Assistant Professor Emma Andersson and Associate Professor Andreas Lennartsson
Autumn 2016 - Autumn 2017: Professor Martin Bergö and Senior Researcher Peter Swoboda
Spring 2016: Professor Eckardt Treuter and Docent Marie Löf
Autumn 2015: Professors Staffan Strömblad & Juha Kere