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EM Core Facility

Center for high resolution electron microscopy, EM

Electron Microscopy
Preparing specimens for cryo electron microscopy.

The objective of the high resolution electron microscopy, EM, core facility is to provide a seamless facility for general EM, cryoEM and high resolution studies of biological specimens. The equipment comprises mainly: Three transmission electron microscopes, (one 120 kV with LaB6 filament and two field emission gun microscopes with 200 kV and 300 kV accelerating voltage respectively) all equipped with CCD cameras, preparation equipment for cryo specimens including a plunge freezing robot, dedicated computer hardware and software. One lab manager of the EM group has continued to take the responsibility of the equipment on a daily basis ensuring that ultimate availability and performance of the facility is achieved. One lab manager is responsible for wet lab facilities including equipment for protein purification, 2D crystallization and EM specimen preparation. Two senior researchers are providing expertise with regard to processing of data.

Internal projects and collaborations

The EM-group (membrane proteins, 2D crystallization, large complexes, nanoparticles), The Garoff group (viruses), The Jovine group (large complexes and 2D crystals).

Examples of outside visitors/users

  • Vironova AB, one day a week at a rate cover all costs, drug carriers
  • Lund University, from the Chemistry Center, large complexes
  • Karolinska Institutet, MBB, membrane proteins, 2D crystallization and large complexes
  • Umeå University, virus structure
  • University of Rome/Tor Vergata, micro and nanoparticles
  • Århus University, large complexes

EM group members/personnel

For more information, please contact Hans Hebert

KTH Structural Biotechnology