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Center for high resolution electron microscopy - EM

Electron Microscopy
Preparing specimens for cryo electron microscopy.

About CryoEM in Flemingsberg

The objective of the high resolution electron microscopy core facility is to provide a seamless facility for general EM, cryoEM and high resolution studies of biological specimens. The facility is being located in the Novum building, Flemingsberg.

Examples of specimens being studied are isolated soluble biomolecular complexes, membrane proteins and fabricated systems based on liposomes and nanodiscs. Initial characterization is often made using contrast media (negative staining), while final data is collected from frozen hydrated objects (cryoEM). For membrane proteins 2D crystallization can be made for application of electron crystallography.

The equipment comprises mainly: Three transmission electron microscopes, (one 120 kV with LaB6 filament and two field emission gun microscopes with 200 kV and 300 kV accelerating voltage respectively) all equipped with CCD cameras, a direct electron detector on the 200 kV microscope, preparation equipment for cryo specimens including a plunge freezing robot, dedicated computer hardware and software. Personnel at the center are responsible for the equipment on a daily basis ensuring that ultimate availability and performance of the facility is achieved and for wet lab facilities including equipment for protein purification, 2D crystallization and EM specimen preparation. In addition to support for specimen preparation and data collection, expertise is provided with regard to processing of data.

For projects which are aiming for the SciLifeLab cryoEM national facility the services provided in Flemingsberg can be considered as a valuable entry point to establish conditions for high resolution data collection.

Using the facility

CryoEM in Flemingsberg is generally open to academic and non-academic users. The cost model is fixed for short term screening and data collection projects as follows:

½ day academic institution - 1500 SEK, non-academic – 3000 SEK
1 day academic institution - 3000 SEK, non-academic – 6000 SEK

The fees includes assistance, consumables and microscope time.
The costs for longer continuous projects and for image processing assistance is set depending on the length of the study and the personnel involvement.
Expected feasibility of projects and prioritization is made by the director and managers.



Electron microscopy and image processing:


Pasi Purhonen

Enhet: Hebert

Wet lab facilities:


Caroline Jegerschöld

Enhet: Hebert



Hans Hebert

Telefon: 08-524 810 93
Enhet: Institutionen för biovetenskaper och näringslära (BioNut), H2



Small heat shock protein 21

Tobacco mosaic virus in negative stain

Calcium dependent membrane

Mucin gel

Domain mapping

importin4 / h4 / h3 / Asf-1 complex

CAF-1 and CAF-1/H3/H4/Asf-1 complex

Electrostatic potential

Selected publications


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